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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Time for Change!!!
So today I got my birthday present in the mail!!! Thanks AlchemyUser!!! You're the best twin siter in the world. She got me the Ouran High School Art Book!!! OMGOSH I'm in love it with, so I decided I wanted to change the theme of my background and I did!

Kaoru is soooooo CUTE so he's my background. Anyways here are some videos of Ouran cosplay skits I love!

First up, my favorite of all time:

Prepare for Glory performed at A-kon. They were such nice people, hope to see them all next year.

Second this I just love and it's very good for no script speaking. Good acting of the Host Club and of course the song is amusing!!! ^_^
I Wanna Take you to the Gay Bar! Fanime

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