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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Woot! Back from A-kon!!! Yay! It was so much fun! I had blast. I wish it wasn't over though. Well at least I got to meet Vic Mignogna! I was soooo HAPPY about that! I also preformed in the cosplay constest.

My sister and I did a skit called, "It's all about the Percentages" I was surprised at how people liked it. I'm hoping to come back next year with Evil Twins Productions and performing another skit. We already have to goo ideas!!! ^_^

Anyways I'm going to post up the video here and the script b/c people have been requesting it so here's the script:

Here's our script:
L:Yagami-kun Iíve come to some conclusions about the Kira case.
L:I am now 5% sure that you are Kira.
R:How many times do I have to tell you? Iím NOT KIRA!
L:10% and 85% sure you smell like pie, cherry pie
R:Pie?! That has nothing to do with,
L:And 50% sure that you actually like strawberries, 35% sure that you believe in unicorns, 65% sure Iím going to forcefully steal my sucker back, 57% that all your base are belong to us, 87% that ďbelieve itĒ is an overused phrase, 9% sure that weíre going to go on an adventure, 99% that you like these handcuffs, 95% that you might be angry right now, 96%, 97%
R:Ryuzaki! Stop with all the percentages!
L:3% youíre Kira now
R:Why are you telling me all this?
L:I was bored,oh and to distract you.
R:Distract me from what?
L:100% stealing my sucker back Believe It!

And here's the video:

Hope you all enjoyed it! It was a lot of fun to preform and I can't wait until next year! ^_^

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