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Friday, October 5, 2007


Well, that was freaky.

I've been playing way too many free Silent Hill trials online.

Here's what went down.

I have no school today and I decide to play some video games so I get a stack of them out. But I get bored of Ratchet and Clank and decide that I should play Silent Hill 3, so I do. Then I get bored of that and go on YouTube to watch some SH2 gameplays. So I go on there and watch some vids, but then I get even more bored so I just start reading the strategy guide for SH3 and chilling. I guess I got a bit too comfotable, cause I fell asleep, and had the weirdest dream I've probably ever had. O_o

K, so in my dream, me, Zan and Caitlyn were up here in the living room playing Silent Hill 2, and Caitlyn was pretty much kicking ass and yelling about how she was gonna kill everyone. That's pretty normal.. XD But then we hear the siren, and we're all, "ZOMG SILENT HILL. O__O" so we split up, and Caitlyn and Zan disappear. So I try to run around the corner to my room, but there's a Pyramid Head there raping a Mannequin like in the second game where James is watching from the closet. o____o So I scream and hide back in the living room but the PH comes after me and drags me off, and then with a shuddering realization, I realized that I'VE TURNED INTO THE MANNEQUIN. So I scream and wrestle myself away and try to limp towards the back door. I look back and see that the PH is heading downstairs into the basement. He doesn't say anything, but somehow I know that he's telling me to follow him. I promised him I would, and ran out the back door into the sunlight. Which is when Anissa called me and I woke up. XD

That was fucking scary.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

My own news bits I like to share.

**The first Death Note DVD will be available in the US on November 20th.
**The first episode of Death Note will air on Adult Swim on October 20th at midnight.
**FUNimation has officially licensed the English dub for Ouran High School Host Club
**The newly dubbed FUNimation version of One Piece premieres THIS SATURDAY!!! I dont' know what time.

That's it for now. =)

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New site theeeeeeme. =D Mello!!!
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