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Monday, February 4, 2008

La Dee Da!

I live!

Brains! Braaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiins!!!


Bah, MyOtaku messed up again peeps. DX I'm actually shocked I was able to sign in today.

I have a new account, (well actually it's one I've had for over a year that I've used for experiments and HTML codes) so please, drop by for visits there until I can get this mess all cleaned up on this account... mmmkay?


var titletext="~+~+~Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit of Happiness~+~+~" var repeat=true; // SET TO true TO REPEAT, false TO "TYPE" OUT TITLE ONLY ONCE. set=setTimeout; var index=0; function scrolltitle(){ if(index<=titletext.length){ document.title=titletext.substring(0,index); index++; set('scrolltitle()', 75); }else{ index=0; if(repeat)set('scrolltitle()',1100); }} window.onload=function(){ if(!document.layers)set('scrolltitle()',1100); }
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