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Friday, January 18, 2008

Hola! How've yall been? Well I'll tell you, I've been great! Finals went ALOT better than I anticipated, and thats a MAJOR plus! Also, My neighbor just brought me over a computer!

=D YES A COMPUTER! Well, Its actually a 2004 Model Mac, but it hasn't really been used at all! I just got it like a half hour ago, and I'm currently transferring files from my Dino Computer here (its overloaded with viruses so its sooo slow and remember it crashed) to my Mac and its going ok. I REALLY need a better USB Flash Drive though. Being the penny pincher I am, I only got the 532MB one XD, so transfer is taking longer than antcipated. BUT I GOT A NEW COMPUTER! YESSSS! Whats really a coincidence/phenomenon is I JUST bought an Ipod three days ago. o_o; The Mac has Itunes on it. >_> <_< Maybe this was planned, ne? =3 Only sad thing, TT_TT I gae my Ipod to my friend so he could put music on it for me this weekend! DX Ah well, saves me the trouble of putting it on myself, lol.

But im kinda depressed... TT_TT MyOld compy has All my music on it, and now my music go bye bye. Wah! DX But I'll get it back! =D

Well last Saturday I went Ice Skating for the first time this season. o_o; Yeah, I really sucked. Some of my College Buddies and I met up with a few of our professors/counselors and we all went ice skating. XD I fell like 10 times. Why? Cause the ice was virtually water because there were soooooooo many people there! XD But I had lots of fun!

Also, my buddy from school let me borrow mangas 1-18 of naruto! =D I ve read 1-9 so far, and I tell you it is SOOOOOOOOOO much different from the anime! (Like most mangas are XD) Its cool! So yeah, I'm preoccupied for the 3day Weekend!

~Week Schedule~

Finals went well. But the whole drag was, you know how I said I was supposed to get Monday and Tuesday off? Well, the school decided to mess around with my schedule and made those into study days. So I had to go to school. TTT_TTT Bah damn me school...

Wednesday was my Bio and ROTC finals like I said before. I froze up on my Bio final when I saw it had 200 questions, but it really only had 186 because my professor said he forogt how to count and accidentally missed a few numbers. XD I know he went from number 178 to 181 and some other error in between. XD Also! Get This! I WAS THE ONLY FRESHMAN OUT OF MY COMPANY TO GET AN A ON THE ROTC FINAL! OMG *gaspz* =O

But it was koolio. XD When 1SG saw that he made me grade the rest of the Finals for him. X3 Which was fun, I could dock a few extra points from my enimies papers and not get caught... *snicker* (But I didn't, don't worry! =D I'm an honest person! *hides hand behind back and crosses fingers* [jk jk jk jk])

Then Thursday was my Health and English Finals. I soooo lucked out! The Health final was OPEN NOTE! =D I swear, with the way Coach (hes the Baseball/football coach) teaches, its really hard to... absorb... the info, especially when hes yelling all the time. >o< And for english we just review for the Final and a choice to do 2 or 3 essays. XD I did 3 for some odd reason.

Then today was my Geo Final and my Choir final. The Geometry final was much easier than I thought it would be, but what really pissed me off was the Choir final. The choir teacher made ME sing everything, but only mad the rest of my group sing a scale! WTF!? (We had to sing a scale, do arpeggios, clap a rythm, and sing solfege) ANDF GET THIS! SHew gave me a 7 out of 10 on all the parts, but She gave the rest of my group a 10 on all the parts they didn't do!

HOWMESSED UP IS THAT!? -__-+++ grrrrr..... But I know I passed the written exam for that class, I just hope it makes up for something.

Well I have to go, forgive me for not visiting everyone, TT_TT I got to some people, but not everybody.

I want to get my Mac set up before I get back on the Net again, so my next visit may not be for a few days. SO TTYL!


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