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Monday, January 7, 2008

   Back To School

^_^ Hey everyone! Yep, I'm officially back in school... TT_TT I miss vacation already. But on the plus side, there was a two hour delayed start this morning! =D So instead of being at school At 8, I was waking up at 8! WOO!

And tomorrow, I have a 3 hour delay. Why? Cause my school has a 3 hour delay on the second Tuesday of each month! =DDDDD YAAAAY!

So yes, I haven't set my alarm for 2 weeks and 5 days now... 2 weeks and 6 tomorrow. XD

Well, next week are finals... Whoop-Dee-freaking-doo... *huffs and bangs head on the desk* But the thing is, on Monday and Tuesday are 7th period finals.... BUT! =D I'm working on the final right now! XD All i have to do is write a letter stating things about ROTC Drill Team. Soooooo...


But the case is, next Wednesday, I have to go at 8 until 11:45 for 1 and 2 period finals. This is, for me, Biology and ROTC. The Bio exam will be easy I'm sure, because my teacher said that its just a combination of our previous tests throughout the whole year. And seeing as I've gotten an A on all of those... Yeeeeah, you get the picture. But for ROTC all I have to do is answer questions like: "Who is the Commandant of the Marine Corp?" or "Who trained the group of soldiers in Valley Forge?" and ect ect. I study hard so i should do fine. (Can you guys tell me the answer to those questions?)

Then on Thursday, I come for 3 and 4 period finals. which is again, Health and English. Well health, I could bomb the test, seeing as IíŽm in ROTC and I'm getting the credit anyway. XDDDD I'm just taking the class for extra credits so I can graduate my Junior year. So Health will be easy. my English one will be easy, seeing as I can choose my grade on it. I could get the easy quiz and it will be worth 10% of my grade, or the harder one for 20%... I'm choosing 10% seeing as I have over 100% in that class anyway.

Then finally, Friday is 5 and 6. I'm not looking forward to this AT ALL. TT_TT My 5th period class is Formal Geometry, and even though I aced the last final (9week) I'm not too sure about this one.... But I'm sure I'll do fine. But 6th period is easy. Its choir. All I have to do is sing! =D ThatíŽs the best final ever, ne?

Well thats the schedule, then the week after is back to normal.... -__- *sigh*


Well I dragged my butt out of bed just to get to school, only to get there to find out that one of my closest buddies, Saki, MOVED! TTT_______TTT WHAAAAAA! But But BUT! =D She came to school today, late as she was, only to say she's going to keep attending! WOO! XD I was so sad until I saw her at lunchtime, then I was like this -> n_n

Then at lunch, my friends and I were showing off what we got for Xmas. my friend, Uko, got this awesome pair of wrist gloves, which I was going to steal if he let his guard down. *needless to say he didn't* My other friends just got random things, and Saki just showed me some of her new artworks. Honestly, she is one of the best anime artists I have ever met... o_o; We are rivals when it comes to drawing XD

Then, somewhere along the line, my former commander from ROTC Drill Team, (notice I say former, seeing as I'm not on his team anymore and I have a team of my own) decided he wanted to hang out with us. XD I kept giving him a hard time, seeing as it took him two years to rise of the rank of a commander, but it only took me 14 weeks. XDDDDDD

Then he got all mad and started Poking me, then he began tickling me o_o;;;;;;;;; *has personal space issues/hate being poked or tickled* So yeah..... it was really weird. And then my friend pinned me down and started tickling me too, then a couple more of my friends started chasing me and poking me and tickling me!!! >_____< UGH! I was in Hell for a half hour!!!! But I made it through... (I didn't mind very much though, as shallow as it sounds, I have a crush on him [my former commander] and two of the other guys poking me XDDDD)

Then in Special teams, i got to work on someone else's team. I got to use a sword instead of a rifle! =D Yeah, giving the hyper-active blonde a sharp object... hmm, REAL SMART! XDDD But like I've said before, they all think I'm a natural redhead, so I kind of slip by that one.

I'm actually in the University Computer lab right now. Mondays I have class, and well my professor is out for the next two weeks. (*secretly does happy dance*) So yeah, I'm not really doing anything right now.

I suppose this is getting long, so I will leave you here. TTYL!


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