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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

   Happy New Year!

Hi everyone! I told you guys i wouldn't be back for a looooooooooong time! Its been a whole year since I been here! XD Unless you really get technical its only been like 7 weeks XDDD

Well I got my computer up and running again. ^_^ My grandma was nice enough to buy it for me! =D I'm so happy! But my computer itself still isnt running all that well...


But i'm slowly but surely restoring it... vvvvveeeeerrrrryyyy slowly. TTTT_TTTT The only things I can't recover are some of the stories I wrote (but luckily I had some of them saved on my flash drive! =D Yay), mainly because my computer somehow deleted Microsoft Word. o_o;;;; Odd, I know... >_< But I still have Wordpad, which is sort of the same thing. Sort of... (*coughcoughnothardlycough*) But not all is lost, at least. At least my comp has about 5GBs of extra space on it now then it did before Lol XDDD

Well enough of that. ^_^ I'm happy that school's still out for another week. I coulcn't stand going back. TT_TT But when I do, I have midterms not only for my Highschool, but for the University as well... TTTTT_TTTTT But they shouldn't be hard, seeing as I have a heavily weighted GPA, so if I fail I can still pass with a C. XD

Last night was the best night of 2007 I must admit. I went with one of my friends, her mom, and my grandma to Circus Circus and we played games and stuff. (Adults=Casino Friend and I=Arcade) XD And im not gona lie. IT WAS PACKED!!!! O_o BUt I had a alot of fun.(Mostly cause I kept beating my friend at Air Hockey though... cuz she claimed to be the best.)Then We went outside and stood on the roof of the the parking garage to watch the fireworks go off all downtown. XD Every one of the casinos lit fireworks off of the rooftops! =D It was neat! but the only thing is... TT_TT From where we were standing (and the like 100 other people there too) The West Tower of Circus Circus blocked out oer half the show. >_< But we still got to watch them from the casino across the street! XDDD But they were pretty.

We stayed at Circus Circus until 2:30 in the morning. XD I played NX (Pump It Up game... the same game in which I qualified and won the tourney for) and I outshowed this one guy who was trying to act all cool. XD He was all "daaaaaamn" ROFLMAO It was so funny. XDDD And his friends were making fun of him too. That kinda made me feel bad.... but who cares!? I was having fun! =DDD

When I finally got home, my Grandma went to bed immediately but I stasyed up until about 5... then I finally fell asleep. *Blames the two bottles of Mountain Dew I had at the Arcade* And well, I woke up and TADA! I'm here. XD

Well thats it for now! I'll check in soon. ADIOS!


1) What did you get for Xmas/Hanukka/Kwaanza/ Other Holiday?

2) Do you hate Finals? And are they scheduled anytime soon for you?

3) Love, Money, Health, or Luxury? (choose one)

~~~My Answers~~~

1) Well I got a lot of little things. I got hundreds of things of lipbalms and lipglosses, and I don't even wear it that often. o_o; I also got two huge cases of makeup (again I don't wear it that much [just eyeliner and concealer most of the time]) I got some really funny fuzzy slippers that look like tigers, and a fuzzy robe. XD But I'm waiting now for my best present... MY MOM BOUGHT ME A Wii!!!!!! *jumps up and down* But They had like 700 on backorder or something. TT_TT So I'll be getting it at the end of January/Early Febuary. (More like BDay present for me then)

2) Hell yes, and they are next week. TT_TT

3) Love, I couln't live with out being loved by someone, wether it be my friends or my family.

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