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Monday, December 17, 2007

   Im Still Alive!
Hey all... *cries*

Um, This is hard. I uh kinda lost my computer.... ^_^' Yeeeeeeah, my internet service was shut down last week and Im really hatin it! >.<

Im currently posting because Im at the University for tutoring and trying to get some assesments for my classes done, but thankfully, my tutor left on vacation! TT_TT But ah well...

I'm so so sorry that I havent posted, and I suppose that this is the last time you all will be seeing me in a loooooooooooooooooong time...... But I hope tyo have my internet service back up and running in the next couple months, and since my tutor is nice she might just let me use the computer so I CAN post! =D but again I apologize, TTTTT_TTTT plllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaassssseeee Forgive me!

But ill just do a random post now.

The Friday before last was the all time favorite Military Ball! =D Its where people of all the branches of the Military get together for well... a dance! XD I went, but I went alone. T.T I just hung out with a few of my friends and what not, I also got to see several of my College Buddies! =D Woo! But I had a lot of fun, I just kinda hung out and talked the whole time, took a few pictures, and just had a lot of fun.

On an even happier note, today I was chosen to be an XO for Drill Team! YAY! An XO is second in command! What now? Im a freshman and I get to boss around all the Seniors... *snicker snicker* XD Go me! BUt Im actually just the Xo for the upcoming Brigade Knowledge Bowl, which is a test of general knowledge... (Real smart, choosing a natural blonde to command XD [but everyone thinks im a Natural Redhead rofl XO])

So im really happy about that. Last drill meet which was this past Saturday, I got to work with the Silver State Brigade Commander and the Colonel, personally! Woo! And Im a Freshman! Usually only Seniors and Juniors get to work in matters like this! YESSSSS! <333333++++

Well yesh yesh, I am still alive, but My computer... is not... *points at the sky and hangs head in shame* TT_TT And added ont that, I have to leave now cuz my class is almost over... grr... TT_TT and I want to visit you all and respond to the like 100 messages I have, but I simply can't right now. If i can, I will visit, if I cant... well...

So I guess this is goodbye for now, and as soon as Im able to post agian I will. See you all again someday!


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