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Thursday, November 22, 2007

   Happy Thanksgiving
^_^ Happy Turkey Day!!!

Ni, Iím so tired... TT_TT I just got back from Thanksgiving Lunner (dinner started at 2 lol) and I am beat. My cute little three-year-old cousin kept tackling me and screaming. XD Naturally, as the oldest child there I had to keep an eye on her.... TT_TT little kids can be such a pain sometimes.

Last night I celebrated Thanksgiving with my friends. =D My friends Saki, Squeakers, Kensuu, Hiro, and I went over to my friend Uko's house and we ate Turkey, Ham, and all the pickings. XD Then we watched some of Silent Hill (I effing love that movie) Then Hiro had to leave so it got boring...

But the rest of us went outside to play hacky-sack (sp?). After getting bored of Hacky-sack, Uko got out his bamboo ninja sword and three staffs and we started sparring. X3 Ninja Style... I kept hitting Uko's girlfriend Saki, just to piss him off. Needless to say, I got my ass kicked by him TT__TT (Men, I can never understand why they canít take a little joking every now and again). But then I bit him in the arm and he left me alone XD rofl

After that, we played Hide-And-Seek (yes, we're such immature children XD all of us 14, 15, and 16 playing games... WHO CARES? IF YOU DO THEN LEAVE! XP NYA!) But we added a little twist to it, instead of tagging with your hands, you took the bamboo sword and thwacked the person over the head or stab them in the side. >XO I have bruises to prove the sparring and the tag.

Friday was my choir concert. This one matters though because we are performing in front of judges... MEAN judges. *shudders* Well the only bad part thankfully was just the girls having to wear Dresses and High Heels >.< [I hate them so much] but our singing wasnít that bad... >_> We got an okay rank, which is above average =D! Things could have gone a lot better if this one girl was singing the right words... T_T Sheís a real loud singer too so it sucks.

Well last Saturday was my second ROTC drill meet! =D But the thing is, I wasnít supposed to perform. I was just a guard so I just sat around and watched the stuff. (Rifles, Uniforms, Food, People ect ect) But an hour before Exhibition was supposed to go, it turns out that someone didnít show

Let me get one thing straight though, Exhibition= Top Of The Line; Hardest To Get Into, Death If You Mess Up, The Coveted Spot For All.

Well they grabbed 3 freshman, including me, and pull4ed us into the back of the school. They made us do a Routine three, which is kicking the rifle up from your side and into the air, catching it, then turning it a half rotation then throwing it way above your head so it does a 540. Then you catch it and do another flip the opposite direction. (Trust me its a lot harder than it sounds... seeing as my school doesnít used the lightweight modified weapons... our weigh about 10lbs [about 4 kg])

Well I was the only one to pull it off. SO BAM! I got on Exhibition! o_o...

Well I only went through the routine three times and during the actual performance, I messed up twice. TT_TT but so did two other people (how odd) But somehow, we placed 4th! XD Out of 11 schools! Yay! =3

and none of the other teams from my school placed at all! o_o Which makes it even more special!

But the thing is, nobody will quit harassing me because when I almost dropped the rifle (I saved it) my jaw dropped for a few seconds... XD totally ruining the 'Tough Game Face' mode we were in. lol But I just laugh with them... Somebody has to be the Laugh of the Drill meet. XD Plus seeing as I'm a natural blonde I'm used to it X3

Well this is getting long so I shall leave you here! =D Have a good one!



1) What did you have for Thanksgiving?

2) What do you want for Xmas? (or Hanukkah or any other holiday if you celebrate it)

3) Red or Green?

~My Answers~

1) Ham, Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Yams, Stuffing, Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, And Pudding. (all over the course of three days guys not all at once o_o;)

2) A Wii w/ all the accessories needed (Memory Card, The new Controllers, a Skin, and all the good games [*coughBleach:ShatteredBladecough*]) An I pod (I really want one), a digital camera, (FOR COSPLAY! X3), and a cell phone. (my old one broke)

3) RED! X3

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