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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween Everyone!

=3 Im actually sitting here in my room writing this in my Halloween costume. We have a delayed start for school today because the Juniors and Seniors have finals XDDDD

Well I'm A witch this year... =3 I pulled my hair back into a ponytail and tucked it into a witch hat. The hat has hair on the edges so it looks like I have greyish-blue hair instead of Flamboyant Red... XDDDD its a drastic change... And I made my costume out of things I found around my house. XD *ish poor* I have on a simple striped black and white shirt and a black spaghetti strap shirt over it, and a long skirt that I had in my closet, some strpiped stockings, and a pair of my Grandmother's boots. XDDD It look good for all old stuff. XD And I know this is out of topic but I also found my Photoshop Disc!!!!! YAY GO ME! So now I have Photoshop!!!

My best friend Robert is being a mime, my other friend John is Micheal Jackson (*gigglesnort* look out kiddies! XD) My freind Alexis is going to be a fairy, Raven is being herself *she doesnt 'do' halloween*, Damien is being a Zombie, and my friend Jeramiah, is being Jigsaw from the saw movies... XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD man we are odd when it comes to costumes.. I was originally planning to be a Vampire. XD And we are all going to do "Thriller" in the courtyard today with John in the lead cuz well... hes MJ XD

Well last week was finals for me. Guess what? I got one of the highest scores on my Formal Geometry exam!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT AN A!!! OMFGLNW! O__O I know! So yeah im proud of that seeing as iM one of the only freshman in that class. XD I also got a's in the rest of my classes.

I've been promoted in ROTC TOO!!! XD Im so happy! I was promoted because I got to march in the Nevada Day Parade last Saturday... and I GOT TO MARCH WITH A RIFLE!!!! XDDDD Freshman never get invited to do that! *dances* But I really wanted to march with Drumline... TT__TT but they were full... ^_^ theres always next parade!

Well I really don't have much tosay... school starts in an hour so I better get my butt in gear and get going... HAPPY HALLOWEEN AGAIN! *waves* Gota jet, Later!


Chapter 91: A Baby Shower... or A Birthday Party?


~Have you ever planned a party for 5 maybe 10 people? I'm sure you have... ok now try multiplying the hassle of that by 15... about 75-150 people... remember... you need food... drinks... enough seating... entertainment... ect ect. Alright? Planning this party was no easy task... so theres bound to be a few problems here and there.~

"OK everyone... the moment of truth has arrived..." Mia squealed with delight and held up an envelope, "I've had these results for weeks now... and I've been itchin to read them... but i was thinking about just waiting and letting it be a surprise. But then again-"

"Oh move on with it already! Come on the suspense is killing me!" Some one from the crowd shouted.

"Ok... here goes..." Mia opened the envelope and read over the paper, she held it up, "Its a boy!"

"Nice!" I shouted, "Congrats Mia!.... Aw man..." I groaned as Miguel opened up his hand in front of me. I slapped a 20 into it and sighed. Reno laughed beside me and patted my shoulder, and I looked at him just to recieve a smile.

"You should of went with me..." Miguel said as he trotted off into the crowd.

~20 minutes later~

The opening of presents droned on painfully slow. Every other present was either: a) Baby clothing... b) Baby Blanket... or c) Baby toys. There were some pretty nice gifts, but the best had to be the full furniture set from Rufus. I can't believe he actually learned to share his money. But then again, ever since he had Geostigma, was was a changed man. He wasn't the man who still believed the only way to rule was through fear anymore.

"Thank you everyone..." Mia said, "This'll help out alot..."

"Theres one more thing..." I cut in and walked up to Mia and handed her an envelope, she looked at me curiously. I nodded to her and smiled.

Mia opened up the envelope and her mouth opened and closed a few times, finally after some spluttering she managed, "Elena! I can't accept this!"

"Of course you can, put it away for the kids education or somethin... or use it to your liking... its your choice." I replied, "And if you're wondering where I got the money well... lets just say I got it a while back..."

"What is it?" Yuffie asked as she looked over Mia's shoulder, "Oooo... Hey if you dont want that, I'll take it!"

"Yuffie..." Tseng growled, Yuffie yipped and ducked back away by him.

"But Elena... $15,000?" Mia said as she looked up at me. The whole crowd started buzzing with conversation. Rude suddenly wore a shocked expression and snatched the check from Mia's hands. I just laughed.

"Hey, do you want it or not?"

"Yes Yes of course!" Mia chimed up, she got up and gave me a hug, "Oh thank you thank you thank you!!!"

"Its no problem." I said, "Just use it wisely... I worked my ass off for that."

~2 Hours Later~

"Wow Elena, I can never thank you enough..." Mia said for the millionth time.

"Look, stop it with the thank yous already, I did it out of the goodness of my heart ok? Im not as heartless as some people may think..." I said as I finished my punch. I tossed the cup away and went outside into the backyard. I sighed as I looked around, It was twilight, my favorite time of the day. I took off my sandals and walked to the edge of the ocean. I sat down just where the waves would wash over my toes. I sighed and closed my eyes.

"At least I could have a solitary moment on my birthday." I thought aloud and reopened my eyes to look at my feet. A small crab scurried by and was carried off by the receeding wave. I sighed and mentally wished it luck in its life in the ocean as I stared at the spot where it just stood. I heard soft footsteps in the sand approaching me from behind, but I said nothing.

"Hey..." Reno said as he sat down beside me.

"Hey..." I replied.

"You ok?" he asked.

"Yeah, I just needed to get a way for a bit." I sighed.

"I see," Reno said and looked at his feet, "That was one hell of a present you gave them..."

"You think?" I asked as I looked at him, "I could of given them more..."

"I know where you got that money..." Reno said with a smirk.

"Really? Where?" I asked and raised an eyebrow.

"The bet you won at the Gold Saucer... that trip you and I went on long ago."

I smiled, "Yep, I still had that tucked away in my safe... and I decided 'what the hell' and gave it to them..."

Reno reached over and tousled my hair, "By the way Elena..."


"Be warned that Rufus is running around telling everyone at the party its your birthday."

"Oh great..." I groaned and covered my face with my hands, "Just what I need... now you know why i didnt want anyone to know it was my Birthday... Mia would of never taken that check..."

"I know. Anyway, you got any plans for tonight?"

"Not really, I think I'm just gona stay behind and clean up... but then again... if Rufus IS telling everyone its my birthday then I might wana get out of here ASAP..." I replied as I looked back up at Reno.

"I would stay if I were you, but not to clean up. Just for the party."

"Well I guess... and why were you asking?"

"No reason..." Reno said softly and sighed, "The party is going to be over in less than an hour anyway. I can understand if you dont want to go back."



"Will you do me a favor?"

Reno smiled, "Anything for you, love."

I leaned my head on his shoulder and sighed, "Stay here with me for a while.." Reno smiled and put his arm around my shoulders.

"With pleasure..." He sighed, and slowly began stroking my hair.

Chapter 92: Happiness


When the sun completely set, Reno and I finaly decided to head back. Hand-in-hand we walked through the back doors and into the now dieing down party. As we walked in though, no one took notice to me. So I figured that Rufus hadn't afterall, told anyone it was my birthday.

"OK thanks for coming, See you later," Mia was at the door, saying goodbye to a large group of guests, who replied with "Mhmms", "Goodbyes", and "See yous" Mia smiled as she closed the door. "Ah, Elena, I was looking for you." She continued as she walked over to me.

"Hm? Whats wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing is wrong, I almost forgot something is all..." replied and pulled a small package from her pocket, "Happy Birthday."

I choked on my spit, "No no Mia please..." I said and pushed the parcel back to her, "The best birthday present was being able to plan your party."

"Hey, you either take this or take your damn check back..." Mia growled as she pressed the package into my hand, "Ya hear?"

"Yeah yeah I hear..." I said softlly, "Thanks Mia."

Mia smiled, "Now if you'd excuse me..." she walked off to say goodbyes to another group that was leaving.

"Mia Mia Mia..." I muttered as I shook my head, "I can take it that this wasnt... YOUR... doing was it Reno?" I questioned as I looked at him.

"M-me? No why would you think it was me?" Reno said quickly. I chuckled slightly.

"Uh huh... sure..."

"It wasnt me! Honest! Elena get back here!" Reno called after me as I headed across the room and into the ballroom.

"Elena, over here!" a voice called from my right. Rufus waved and motioned me to come over. He was standing with Vincent and Tseng. I sighed and walked over.

"Rufus tells me its you're birthday... is this true?" Vincent asked. I glared daggers at Rufus and mouthed the words, 'you bastard'. Rufus just gave me an arrogant smirk.

"Well, looks like I'm caught." I replied as I placed my hand behind my head, "Uh yeah it is... actually..."

Tseng shook his head, "And you planned this party all by yourself... knowing it was your birthday..."

I smiled, "Yeah I did... so what?"

Tseng smiled, "You're an amazing woman Elena..."

Surprisingly, I didn't blush, instead it felt extremly awkward that he was doing this. "Thank you Tseng." I replied. I felt something soft wrap around my waist.

"And this amazing woman is all mine Tseng, so back off." Reno growled. Tseng glared daggers at Reno then stormed off in the other direction. As soon as he was out of sight, everyone standing in our group began laughing.

"Good show, Reno." Rufus said, "That guy deserved it."

"Yeah, Thanks Reno..." I said and gave him a soft kiss on his cheek. Ever since the night he came back and we were caught kissing in the parking lot, we didn't mind showing our affections openly with eachother.

"I sensed something wasn't right so yeah..." Reno looked at me and smiled, "No problem,"

Suddenly Kim was right by me, "Happy birthday!" she said. I groaned.

"Exactly how many people did you tell, Rufus?" I asked. Kim, now standing by Vincent, looked more than a little confused as to why I wasn't happy.

Rufus snickered, "A few..."

"And how much is a few?" I asked when Yuffie appeared in front of me and began to open her mouth but I cut her off with a pointedly, "Save it Yuffie." She huffed,

"Well fine then, Go have a sad Birthday then..." with that she turned on her heels and stormed off.

"All the people closest to you..." Rufus said.

I groaned again and looked at Kim, "Thanks anyway Kim,"

She smiled, "No prob, now if you'd excuse us we must be going." With that she pulled Vincent away and disappeared into the crowd that was starting to exit the room.

"Yeah, I think I'll be going soon as well..." I muttered, "But I'm gona stay to clean up of course."

~30 minutes later~

Everyone had left, and I mean everyone. It was only me now standing in the empty ballroom, which was a terrible mess. "Where did Rufus and Heston wander off too?" I asked myself over and over again as I stuffed empty cups and pieces of broken streamers into a trashbag. "They could of at least stayed to help out..." I mentally cursed the lot as I finished cleaning in scilence. And after what seemed like hours I actually finished cleaning. I was begining to push back the tables and couches to their respectable places when Rufus walked in... shining in all his damn glory.

"Elena, what are you doing here?" He asked.

"Juggling cabbages, what does it look like Im doing?" I growled as I finally had rearranged the room to how it was before. I wiped the sweat from my brow as I looked over at Rufus. He narrowed his eyes at me and then shook his head slowly with a sigh.

"You didn't have to-"

"Yes I did Rufus..." I said curtly as I picked up my jacket, "Now if you'll excuse me..." I shouldered my way by him and began to walk toward the door when Rufus grabbed my arm.

"Wait wait wait..." he said softly and I glared at him, "I haven't given you your present yet."

"Present? What- Oh..." I muttered as I jerked out of his grasp, remembering it was my birthday.

Rufus handed me another package that I could now add to my collection, I nodded and with a thank-you I put the parcel in my purse.

"What you're not going to open it?"

"Not until I get home... speaking of home, Wheres Reno? He's supposed to give me a ride..." I thought aloud as I looked around.

Rufus smiled, "I told him that it wasn't necessary..."

"You what?! Why the hell did you do that!?" I growled.

"Open my gift and you'll see why..."

As I stood there glaring at Rufus, I reached into my purse and pulled out his present. I opened it and pulled out its contents. "OK... whats it to?"

"I'll see you later then Elena..." Rufus said with a smirk, "Enjoy." He disappeared upstairs.

"Hey! You didn't tell me-!" I stopped short and sighed. I looked at the key again.

"Wait a minute..." I muttered softly and ran outside. I began laughing when I saw a brand new, black Viper sitting in the driveway. I mentally cursed Rufus and glanced up at his bedroom window. Rufus saw me looking up at him and quickly darted away from the window. I slowly walked over to the car and ran my fingers over the hood.

"Damn you Rufus..." I said as I opened the door and sat into the drivers seat, "Note to self... repay him someday."

As I started up the car and pulled out of drive, I turned on the radio and flipped stations until I found something to my liking. After a few minutes of driving I pulled out my cell and dialed Reno's number, "Maybe he's home by now..."

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