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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sorry about the random title...

Well I told you I would update as soon as I could and I did. Well Im sad to inform you that comments on peoples sites dont seem to be working... buyt I got a few to load... O_O so If I havent visited you im sorry...

Well nothing much has gone on here. I did some more community stuff with ROTC and thats it. I did homecoming opening ceremony with the Garrison flag! =D A freshman NEVER gets invited to do that! So I got to march with that! YES!

And we won Homecoming btw! YEAH GO COLTS!!! >XDDDDD

And yesterday was the ROTC carwash to raise money for the school, and I got to dance around with a sign on the offramp of the freeway trying to get people to come. XD It was fun because I almost got arrested O_O yeah but it was fun anyway!!!!!! >=O

And Bravo Company also won the Street Painting too, btw! *remembers I wrote my last post before I went to that* CUZ WERE THE BEST!!!!

Ok you guys have probably figured out the ROTC is dominating my life.... and it is.... I have fun but I have no time for anything else... its so stressful. T_T But Im not gona quit. =D

Also I realized I havent posted my story in a while so Im gona post up a few chapters today... ^_^ And I also started another fanfic all about Rufus Shinra.

O_O *gasp* I know... ^_^ Would all of you be interested in reading it???? Its kind of graphic, but it goes from the time he was four until he gets older. So would you be interested in reading it? If so tell me please... ^_^ but Im only going one Story at a time lol.

Well thats it till next time, TTYL!!!


Chapter 88: Reunion


I yawned as I looked around the next morning. I looked around the unfamiliar bedroom, wondering where I was. Then I remembered the night before and remembered where I was, and went to turn when something wrapped tightly around my waist. Reno rested his chin on my shoulder and smiled.

"Good morning sunshine..." he teased softly.

"Good morning my ass..." I mumbled. Reno chuckled in response and nuzzled my shoulder, then got up.

I layed on my side and propped my head on my hand as I watched him put on his shirt and walk into the adjoining room. It was then a wave of shock washed over me. I let out a sigh of relief when I realized I was fully clothed, "I guess I was a good girl last night..." I thought as I got up and stretched. I walked out into the livingroom and sat down on the couch. I dug through my purse until I found a hairbrush and ran it through my hair. I put the brush away and had just finished my makeup when Reno came out. I glared at him when he sat down next to me and tousled my hair. I slapped his hand away.

"Come on Reno," I whined as I desperatly tried to fix my hair again, "I just finished fixing my hair..."

"I know, I couldn't resist," he replied with a smirk and then stood up, "Come on... lets get going then."


"I promised I'd get you home before you had to go to work didn't I?" Reno said with a smile. With that comment, I glanced at the clock. I only had 4 hours till I had to go, which means there wouldn't be much time to stop at home.

"Yeah, you did." I replied with a smile, "But Im not letting you give me the slip this time."

Reno smiled, "Don't worry, I plan on staying a while."

"Really?" I asked, "Thats great."

"And Elena..."


Reno stroked my cheek with his hand and looked into my eyes, "What I said last night... I meant it."

I smiled, "And I meant it as well..."

Reno smiled and kissed me on the forehead, "Come on, we'd beter get on the road if we're gona get back on time." He walked over to the front door and I followed.

"Just promise me one thing Reno." I said as we walked out.

"What?" Reno asked as he locked the door and we headed for the car.

"Dont go over 100mph..."

~3 1/2 hours later~

"Hey Mia!" I said chimed happily as I walked into the bar for work, Mia was washing some glasses facing away from the door. "Guess who's here!?" I added as I clung to Reno's arm.

"Wow you sound happy Elena, and you know how I am about guessing games." Mia said with a laugh. She finished the glass she was cleaning and turned around. She froze and stood there awestruck. Reno and I both laughed at her expression.

"I-I must be dreamin... hallucienating..." Mia finally said as a smile grew on her face, "Because that can't possibly be Reno Montague..." She put her hands on her hips as she stood there, her face although she was smiling, still awestruck.

"Ah, but it can." Reno said as he sat down at the bar. Meanwhile, I walked over and got an apron off the wall and put it on. I began cleaning up around the bar.

"I- I... still cant believe- MIGUEL!" Mia yelled, "Miguel get out here!"

Miguel came running out, "Yes ma'am whats- omigod..."

"So you can see him too?" Mia asked.

"Yes I can..." Miguel responded softly.

"He broke into my aparment yesterday..." I called from the opposite end of the bar as I began pouring a customer a drink, "He was sitting there on my couch when I walked in after..." I cleared my throat, "...'work'... Mia..." Mia smiled innocently.

Reno laughed, "You see I didn't break in..." he said as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a key, "I just know where the spare key is hidden..." Reno flashed a devilish grin and looked at me from the corner of his eye.

They all laughed as I stormed over to Reno and took the key from him "Well... thats nice to know..." I growled as I pocketed the key.

"What am I doin just standin' here? I should call Rude..." Mia said as she bustled into the backroom, "He'll surely want to see ya."

After Mia disappeared into the backroom Reno finally dared to ask, "How far along is she?"

"Almost 7 months." Miguel said, "But she doesn't want to know if its gona be a boy or a girl."

"What do you think its gona be Miguel?" I asked.

"I say its gona be a boy, but then again its just me." Miguel said innocently, "Anyway... I gota get back, See you guys at break." With that Miguel stalked into the backroom.

I leaned on the bar in front of Reno, and looked at him. He looked at me and smiled back.

"So..." I began, "What'll it be?"

~Later on~

"Now now Mia, take it easy..." Rude warned as he took away the drink she was about to down, "Think of the baby..."

"They baby.. oh yeah i forgot..." she replied sheepishly as she rubbed her stomach. Rude and her smiled at eachother and kissed once.

"You see," Miguel began, "Thats love right there."

I laughed as I sat on the bar by Reno, "I have to agree, by the way, when is the wedding?"

"We've been married now for a while." Mia laughed and held up her left hand, showing off her ring. She smiled at Rude who did the same.

"What?" I spluttered, "And you didnt invite me? Aw Im hurt..."

"Don't feel bad, I wasn't invited either." Reno cut in, I smiled at him.

"True, but you Mister..." I said and poked him in the chest, "Had a reasonable excuse not to be there... noone knew where you lived!" Reno smiled innocently.

"We wanted it to be private..." Rude said.

"When was it? I at least wana know." I continued

"Two weeks ago."

"Aw man..." I sighed, "Oh well... I guess I owe you guys a present or two."

"Yeah same here." Reno added.

The doors to the bar opened, and who ever it was paused. "Hey Mia, why is the bar closed so early I mean you arent having a party or- R-Reno?"

Reno laughed and nudged me in the side, "Great, another one..." he said quietly then stood up. "Yeah?"

"Im dreamin... please tell me Im dreamin..." Kim continued as she walked up. I walked over to her and pinched her arm. Kim responded by swatting me away, cursing softly under her breath. The realization hit her and she flung her arms around Reno, happy to see him again. "We've Missed You So Much! Im so happy to see you!" she squealed.

Reno laughed nervously and pushed her away, "Well its good to know you're happy to see me and all but- you know... some personal space would be nice..."

Everyone in the room laughed, including Kim, who also blushed. Reno sat back down and sighed as he looked up at me. He smiled and winked at me and I did the same back to him.

It was looking to be a good night.

Chapter 89: Hopeless Romantic


"Ok everyone, drinks are on the house!" Mia said and A loud cheer erupted from everyone.

I looked around the crowded bar. Mia wanted to throw a little "Welcome Back" party for Reno so thats what she did. Everyone that was here was either a friend or friends of a friend. I groaned and exchanged glances with Kim, this meant more work for us. After a few miutes of filling drinks, I eyed Reno across the room, who was chatting with Vincent. Reno caught my gaze and motioned for me to come over. I looked back guiltily at Kim who was working her butt off serving drinks as I walked over.

"Ah, Elena..." Vincent greeted, "Long time no talk..."

"Hello Vincent." I replied and nodded, I turned my gaze to Reno, "What do you want?" I asked him

"You getting a break anytime soon?" Reno asked, I glanced at the clock on the wall.

"In ten, why?"

"Just curious..." Reno said with a smile.

"Oh ok..." i said.

"Oi, Elena!!!" I heard an angry voice from behind me call, "A little help here! PLEASE??!!??"

I winced and looked back, "Coming Kim!" I looked from Reno to Vincent and nodded. Then ran over to the bar to help out.

~Two Hours Later~

The night went by fast, and since it was a bar the same drinking times applied. So at promptly 1:30am we had last call. But by then, over half of the people had left and the roar of the party had died down.

"So, what exactly have you been doing since you've been gone?" Tseng asked. I was shocked that he actually decided to come to our little get together. But I guess just because he's a prince doesn't mean he can't have fun every now and again.

"Getting my life in order," Reno replied simply.

"In what way though?" Asked my brother from the opposite end of the bar. Rufus caught my gaze and smiled, I returned it with a smile and a nod of my own.

"Well lets see, one: a new, good-paying job, two: a brand new car, and three: a small house... and other things here and there." Reno said, counting each of the numbers out on his fingers.

"Let me add in something right here though," I cut in, "He says his house is small right? Its a damn 5 bedroom house! Thats huge compared to my apartment!"

"I could of gotten a bigger home..." Reno shot back defensivly.

"Why do you even need so much space?" Kim asked.

"Psh, I don't know...." Reno replied sheepishly and sighed.

"Well I know," Rufus began, "The bigger the house the stronger you feel right?"

"Yeah I guess you can put it that way."

"Trust me I know... You're talking to a man who lives in a 12 bedroom house, with only a butler, a maid, and a black panther for company."

Everyone in the room laughed.

"So, what are some of your future plans Reno?" Tseng asked.

"Yeah, even I'm curious about that one..." I said. Mia, Rude, Miguel, Kim, and Vincent all nodded in agreement.

Reno laughed, "Eh well... I have a few..."

"Like...?" I interjected and leaned in closer to him.

"Like possibly getting married someday... having a couple of kids and settling down." Reno said.

"No offense, but that sounds strange coming from you, Reno..." Rufus said after a few seconds of awkward scilence passed. Rude and Tseng nodded in agreement.

"Well thats great Reno, I hope you come through on that." I said with a smile.

"Yeah I say the same here." Kim said and nodded.

"Yep, here too." Mia said.

Reno smiled, "Thanks."

Mia looked up at the clock, "Ok now everyone out before I have the cops in here bustin my ass for havin you in here late..."

I sighed and took off my apron and hung it up on the wall. "I'll stay behind and help clean up Mia." I said

"No its ok, you go home, we'll clean up tomorrow." Mia said, "Im beat and ready to go home."

It took several minutes before everyone got outside. Everyone paused to say their goodbyes and such before going their seperate ways.

"So..." I began as I walked up to Reno, "You just gona go home or what?"

"Yeah, I'll take you home first if you want." Reno sugested.

"No that isnt necessary, home is only two blocks away. I can walk." I said.

"You sure?" Reno asked as he looked at me.

"I'm sure." I paused then added sternly, "You better come visit..."

"Rest assured I will..." Reno replied with a smile.

"See you around?" I asked as he looked toward his car.

"Definetly..." Reno started to take a step but hesitated for a moment then turned toward me again. He kissed me soundly on the lips, and I found myself kissing him back, my arms wrapped around his neck. I felt his hand gently resting on the lower of my back and his other hand in my hair. It was amazing... until-

"Aw, check it out... Reno and Elena..." I heard Miguel's teasing voice cut in, he wolf-whistled.

I broke the kiss, "Oh can it Miguel..." I growled. I glanced over at everyone who were looking in our direction.

Tseng was glaring at Reno and I enviously. I felt bad for the guy for a bit. I felt my cheeks grow hot and I looked away. "I think its best you go now Reno..." I said softly.

"Just one more kiss..." Reno whispered softly as he lifted my chin up to look into my eyes.

"Let me guess... because of Tseng?"


"Ok I can deal with that..." I said as we kissed again. It seemed like minutes, but the kiss probably only lasted a few seconds. I didn't care.

"Until we meet again love..." Reno whispered when he pulled back. He nodded to me and jumped into his car. I waved and he waved back. With that he pulled out of the parking lot... I sighed and shook my head slowly as I watched him drive off. Reno was such a hopeless romantic...

I felt someone nudge me in the side, "You make any plans with him yet? Hm???" Rufus asked with a suggestive tone in his voice.

"Oh shut up Rufus..." I growled as I turned back to the bar. Rufus merely laughed,

"Im just kiddin with ya."

"And since when did you start with the 'just kidding' stuff?" I asked, "Its not like you to do that..."

"Whatever, but hey, Did you see how Tseng looked at you two?" he sighed, "Damn, he looked pissed..."

"I could care less how he looked, thank-you-very-much.."

"Oi Elena!" Said a voice from behind me,

"What Miguel?" I asked as I turned toward him.

"I'm sorry for doin that... I just couldn't resist... I mean you two were several yards away in the darker part of the parking lot kissin and all... I just had to.." Miguel said, "Im sorry."

"Its no problem..." I said, and stretched, "I gota get home, I'll see you guys tomorrow."

"Bye Elena." Rufus said, "Dont forget to come visit. For Kioko's sake of course!"

"Later Elena," Mia said and waved, Rude did the same.

"See ya!" Kims voice chimed up, Vincent merely stood by her and nodded.

"Adios Mami..." I heard Miguel's voice call just as I rounded the corner of my street.

Chapter 90: Right Day... Wrong Party...


~Six weeks passed by since Reno came back. The happy thing was, this time Reno kept in touch. He visited at least once a week, and everynight he and I would talk on the phone for a while. If he couldnt call, he would send an email, one which he would write during his break at work. He was talking to everyone else too as far as I knew. I was counting down the days until Mia would have her baby... she was due 2 weeks from now. And being her best friend, she wanted me to be the hostess of her Baby Shower. I accepted the offer happily... Sadly... I had to plan it on a day that I thought I would get off this year... but then again... it was just another day...~

"Hey Miguel, pass me the staple gun will ya?" I asked and held out my hand. Miguel obiediently placed the staple gun in my hand, and I went back to hanging up the streamers. Miguel returned to his job of steadying the ladder.

"I wonder if its going to be a boy or a girl..." I said softly as I jumped down from the ladder, "I can't believe Mia waited until her Baby Shower to reveal it to us, I hope she isnt mad that the theme is yellow and white..."

"Im here!" Kim said as she walked in with several huge bags in her hands, "Wow! You've really done a lot here!" She finished as she placed the bags down on the table. She pushed a few stray strands of her blonde hair out of her face and examined the work.

"Yeah, it sure was nice of Rufus to let us use his place for the party eh?" Miguel said as he bustled over and went through the bags. He pulled out some more streamers and walked over to me. I pointed to the other side of the room and he went over there. Heston, the butler, took the ladder over to the side of the room with Miguel.

Yep, I somehow had convinced Rufus to let us use his place for the party. I mean the guy DID have a ballroom in his house... the only thing we had to do was move the couches off to the side and presto! Perfect party spot. And it was free.

"So... what do YOU think its gona be Elena?" Kim asked as she walked over and helped me with measuring the length of the wall.

"What do I think? I think its going to be a girl..."

"No Mami! I bet you its gona be a boy!" Miguel taunted.

"28 feet 10 inches..." I said quietly and scribbled on my notepad, "Whatever Miguel!" I called afterward.

Kim and I went to work measuring the length of the streamers while Miguel and Heston began organizing the furniture. After we had finished decorating and setting up it was time for the final adjustments.

"Ok Kim, move that table forward about a foot... Heston, make sure that theres a walkway between all the tables would you?... Miguel, quit playing with the streamers! What are you? 5? Ugh... OK ok.... everything looks good..."

"Very good indeed..." A voice said from the doorway.

"Oi! Please tell me you have the cake..." I begged as I walked up to Reno.

"No I dont... of course I have the cake, you asked me to get it..." he laughed, "Its in the car." He pointed his thumb out toward the car.

"I'll go get it!" Kim said and headed out. "Miguel you comin?"

"Yeah lemme give you a hand with that..." Miguel said as he walked out, "Heston... you comin or not?"

"Uh.. oh yes, yes of course.. at once..." Heston stammered and followed.

I laughed, "Some desperate attempt at trying to get us alone..." I thought out loud as I turned to examine the room again. I didn't flinch when Reno came up behind me and gave me a hug, i somehow expected it.

"By the way, Happy Birthday..." Reno purred into my ear.

I gasped, pushed him away and turned toward him. I glanced around the room to make sure no one was listening in, "No Reno please... they can't know its my birthday.. I beg you don't tell... Do you have any idea how much trouble I'd get into if they found out?"

"Relax babe, its ok, I won't tell..." Reno said and smiled. I smiled back at him

"I appreciate it that you remembered though."

"How could I forget? And by the way, I got you something... but lets wait 'til later, here comes company..." Reno finished with a wink. Just then, Kim, Heston, and Miguel all came in holding a large box.

"If you'd excuse me..." I whispered to Reno. "OK people, put it on the back table over there..."

~2 hours later~

"Ok everyone, its 5 minutes until the party starts, are we all ready?" I asked as I walked back into the ballroom. It looked pretty good for an ametuers work that is. There was yellow and white balloons, yellow and white table cloths, yellow and white streamers, yellow and white cups, yellow and white... everything. I sighed but reasoned with myself... at least it was better than green.

"Elena! Oh Elena!" Mia yelled from across the room, "The place looks great! I love it!"

"Aw thanks Mia." I said with a smile, "So are we done?"

"We're doing the check right now..." Kim said as she looked over some papers on a clipboard, "Check and check! Ok we're good to go."

"OK then, Heston, Miguel, open the doors... let the party begin."

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