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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

   Hola Mi Amigos
Hey everyone, I'm just checking in to tell you I'm doing somewhat better now.

First off, My best friend who got hit by the truck is ok now. ^_^ Shes in perfect health and I'm very happy for her.... the sad thing... shes switching schools and moving this coming Friday! T_T Nuuuuuuuuu....

But its ok, as long as she is fine I'm good. XD

Next I have heard from my boyfriend, He just was having difficulties getting to his computer to talk to me. >_< But I understand.

And next, we well... we kinda... broke up. TT_TT *slump*

but it was for the best, and we are still very close friends. ^_^ Besides, we see eachother more as family than lovers... Brotherly and Sisterly love kinda thing. ^_^ So thats kinda kool and no I'm not upset. XD *huggles my Jiraiya-sama like mad* >=3 I still love you though, Jiraiya-kun!

Well this past weekend was the Annual Itallian Festival!!!! =D Itallian food, Itallian Music, all Itallian culture, WOO IT WAS AWESOME!!! I volunteered and worked the huge Lemonade and pasta stand with other kids from my ROTC class *was there on a assignment* and guess what else i did!

I wore a huge Cartoon Garlic suit and danced around with kids and stuff. =D It was so much fun! There were people taking my picture and people hugging me... and there was one time when these two teenage boys tackle-hugged me! O_o It was fun though XD I also went down one of those huuuuuge inflatable slides in my costume... XDDDD that was soooo fun. But I didnt "slide" though/// I more like rolled T__T I think I got whiplash... XDDD BUT IT WAS STILL FUN!

I was also on the local news too! =D I got in going down the slide with one of my firends who was in the artichoke costume! and I also got on while I was working at the stand and once when I was dancing with the little kids! *squee* it was kool!

Well I gtoa go becuz Im on my way to do a mural painting for ROTC. ^_^


And also my internet hasnt been fixed yet so yeah... TT_TT I'll try to post next week if I can get acess again...

Also I got some new artworks up, so go check them out PLEAZE!!!?? =3

Well thats it ttyl!


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