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Saturday, September 29, 2007

My Effed Up Life Story...
Hey all, just checkin in to tell you I'm gona disappear for a while.


My aunt turned off her checking account and all this, and shes the one who pays for my interet service... -_- so I won't be able to talk to anyone. I might still visit every now and again if I can get acess to the internet somewhere but dont count on it. Maybe my friends will let me use their computer or I could use the ones at school... damn it. *hates asking for favors*

Added on to me leaving, I'm going through a fucked up time. Straight up. I havent talked to my boyfriend in god knows how long, he wont answer any of my messages or anything... I wonder if hes ok, or if hes just grounded again. *sigh* I wish he would at least call me or something to let me know hes ok.

And My best friend got in a car accident yesterday. She had to go to the hospital, and she has bruised ribs and other injuries. But she's going to be fine hopefully.

And none of my other friends are talking to me... they keep saying they'll call me later then walk away but never do. My birthday isnt anywhere near this time or anything so I feel unwanted and all this shit. -_- and all this comes JUST AFTER I PULLED OUT OF MY DEPRESSION... so yeah...

Also yesterday when ROTC was handing out appreciation ribbons for thos select students who volunteered at the Middle School they forgot to announce me. I was there and was teamed up with Chicken Wing (the guy I told you about a post or 2 ago) and they called him up but not me. It wasnt till after they presented ribbons the Commander noticed *mimics her in a preppy voice* "Oh, Wonder Bread isnt on the list"

-__- No shit... I didnt give up my whole night and didnt do any of my homework for nothing...

And today it was 30 sumthin degrees outside and I had to be down at the river at 8:30 to clean of trash. I'll admit it was fun because i was jumping from rock to rock to get trash and stuff and all the other students were looking at me like I was crazy. PLus I had on my Naruto Headband lol.

*sighs* God, I wish someone would just listen to me for once... it sucks, I think I'll cheer up here soon, hell I KNOW I'll cheer up here soon. I always do. ^_^ so no worrying about me, k guys? I'll pull through...

Well thats it I guess, and sorry for leaving again. Its fucked up I know, I hate leaving like this... you can all hate me, everyone else does anyway. *sigh*

Until We Meet Again...


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