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Monday, February 4, 2008

La Dee Da!


I live!

Brains! Braaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiins!!!


Bah, MyOtaku messed up again peeps. DX I'm actually shocked I was able to sign in today.

I have a new account, (well actually it's one I've had for over a year that I've used for experiments and HTML codes) so please, drop by for visits there until I can get this mess all cleaned up on this account... mmmkay?




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La Dee Da!


I live!

Brains! Braaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiins!!!


Bah, MyOtaku messed up again peeps. DX I'm actually shocked I was able to sign in today.

I have a new account, (well actually it's one I've had for over a year that I've used for experiments and HTML codes) so please, drop by for visits there until I can get this mess all cleaned up on this account... mmmkay?


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Friday, January 18, 2008


Hola! How've yall been? Well I'll tell you, I've been great! Finals went ALOT better than I anticipated, and thats a MAJOR plus! Also, My neighbor just brought me over a computer!

=D YES A COMPUTER! Well, Its actually a 2004 Model Mac, but it hasn't really been used at all! I just got it like a half hour ago, and I'm currently transferring files from my Dino Computer here (its overloaded with viruses so its sooo slow and remember it crashed) to my Mac and its going ok. I REALLY need a better USB Flash Drive though. Being the penny pincher I am, I only got the 532MB one XD, so transfer is taking longer than antcipated. BUT I GOT A NEW COMPUTER! YESSSS! Whats really a coincidence/phenomenon is I JUST bought an Ipod three days ago. o_o; The Mac has Itunes on it. >_> <_< Maybe this was planned, ne? =3 Only sad thing, TT_TT I gae my Ipod to my friend so he could put music on it for me this weekend! DX Ah well, saves me the trouble of putting it on myself, lol.

But im kinda depressed... TT_TT MyOld compy has All my music on it, and now my music go bye bye. Wah! DX But I'll get it back! =D

Well last Saturday I went Ice Skating for the first time this season. o_o; Yeah, I really sucked. Some of my College Buddies and I met up with a few of our professors/counselors and we all went ice skating. XD I fell like 10 times. Why? Cause the ice was virtually water because there were soooooooo many people there! XD But I had lots of fun!

Also, my buddy from school let me borrow mangas 1-18 of naruto! =D I ve read 1-9 so far, and I tell you it is SOOOOOOOOOO much different from the anime! (Like most mangas are XD) Its cool! So yeah, I'm preoccupied for the 3day Weekend!

~Week Schedule~

Finals went well. But the whole drag was, you know how I said I was supposed to get Monday and Tuesday off? Well, the school decided to mess around with my schedule and made those into study days. So I had to go to school. TTT_TTT Bah damn me school...

Wednesday was my Bio and ROTC finals like I said before. I froze up on my Bio final when I saw it had 200 questions, but it really only had 186 because my professor said he forogt how to count and accidentally missed a few numbers. XD I know he went from number 178 to 181 and some other error in between. XD Also! Get This! I WAS THE ONLY FRESHMAN OUT OF MY COMPANY TO GET AN A ON THE ROTC FINAL! OMG *gaspz* =O

But it was koolio. XD When 1SG saw that he made me grade the rest of the Finals for him. X3 Which was fun, I could dock a few extra points from my enimies papers and not get caught... *snicker* (But I didn't, don't worry! =D I'm an honest person! *hides hand behind back and crosses fingers* [jk jk jk jk])

Then Thursday was my Health and English Finals. I soooo lucked out! The Health final was OPEN NOTE! =D I swear, with the way Coach (hes the Baseball/football coach) teaches, its really hard to... absorb... the info, especially when hes yelling all the time. >o< And for english we just review for the Final and a choice to do 2 or 3 essays. XD I did 3 for some odd reason.

Then today was my Geo Final and my Choir final. The Geometry final was much easier than I thought it would be, but what really pissed me off was the Choir final. The choir teacher made ME sing everything, but only mad the rest of my group sing a scale! WTF!? (We had to sing a scale, do arpeggios, clap a rythm, and sing solfege) ANDF GET THIS! SHew gave me a 7 out of 10 on all the parts, but She gave the rest of my group a 10 on all the parts they didn't do!

HOWMESSED UP IS THAT!? -__-+++ grrrrr..... But I know I passed the written exam for that class, I just hope it makes up for something.

Well I have to go, forgive me for not visiting everyone, TT_TT I got to some people, but not everybody.

I want to get my Mac set up before I get back on the Net again, so my next visit may not be for a few days. SO TTYL!


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Monday, January 7, 2008

   Back To School


^_^ Hey everyone! Yep, I'm officially back in school... TT_TT I miss vacation already. But on the plus side, there was a two hour delayed start this morning! =D So instead of being at school At 8, I was waking up at 8! WOO!

And tomorrow, I have a 3 hour delay. Why? Cause my school has a 3 hour delay on the second Tuesday of each month! =DDDDD YAAAAY!

So yes, I haven't set my alarm for 2 weeks and 5 days now... 2 weeks and 6 tomorrow. XD

Well, next week are finals... Whoop-Dee-freaking-doo... *huffs and bangs head on the desk* But the thing is, on Monday and Tuesday are 7th period finals.... BUT! =D I'm working on the final right now! XD All i have to do is write a letter stating things about ROTC Drill Team. Soooooo...


But the case is, next Wednesday, I have to go at 8 until 11:45 for 1 and 2 period finals. This is, for me, Biology and ROTC. The Bio exam will be easy I'm sure, because my teacher said that its just a combination of our previous tests throughout the whole year. And seeing as I've gotten an A on all of those... Yeeeeah, you get the picture. But for ROTC all I have to do is answer questions like: "Who is the Commandant of the Marine Corp?" or "Who trained the group of soldiers in Valley Forge?" and ect ect. I study hard so i should do fine. (Can you guys tell me the answer to those questions?)

Then on Thursday, I come for 3 and 4 period finals. which is again, Health and English. Well health, I could bomb the test, seeing as I°¶m in ROTC and I'm getting the credit anyway. XDDDD I'm just taking the class for extra credits so I can graduate my Junior year. So Health will be easy. my English one will be easy, seeing as I can choose my grade on it. I could get the easy quiz and it will be worth 10% of my grade, or the harder one for 20%... I'm choosing 10% seeing as I have over 100% in that class anyway.

Then finally, Friday is 5 and 6. I'm not looking forward to this AT ALL. TT_TT My 5th period class is Formal Geometry, and even though I aced the last final (9week) I'm not too sure about this one.... But I'm sure I'll do fine. But 6th period is easy. Its choir. All I have to do is sing! =D That°¶s the best final ever, ne?

Well thats the schedule, then the week after is back to normal.... -__- *sigh*


Well I dragged my butt out of bed just to get to school, only to get there to find out that one of my closest buddies, Saki, MOVED! TTT_______TTT WHAAAAAA! But But BUT! =D She came to school today, late as she was, only to say she's going to keep attending! WOO! XD I was so sad until I saw her at lunchtime, then I was like this -> n_n

Then at lunch, my friends and I were showing off what we got for Xmas. my friend, Uko, got this awesome pair of wrist gloves, which I was going to steal if he let his guard down. *needless to say he didn't* My other friends just got random things, and Saki just showed me some of her new artworks. Honestly, she is one of the best anime artists I have ever met... o_o; We are rivals when it comes to drawing XD

Then, somewhere along the line, my former commander from ROTC Drill Team, (notice I say former, seeing as I'm not on his team anymore and I have a team of my own) decided he wanted to hang out with us. XD I kept giving him a hard time, seeing as it took him two years to rise of the rank of a commander, but it only took me 14 weeks. XDDDDDD

Then he got all mad and started Poking me, then he began tickling me o_o;;;;;;;;; *has personal space issues/hate being poked or tickled* So yeah..... it was really weird. And then my friend pinned me down and started tickling me too, then a couple more of my friends started chasing me and poking me and tickling me!!! >_____< UGH! I was in Hell for a half hour!!!! But I made it through... (I didn't mind very much though, as shallow as it sounds, I have a crush on him [my former commander] and two of the other guys poking me XDDDD)

Then in Special teams, i got to work on someone else's team. I got to use a sword instead of a rifle! =D Yeah, giving the hyper-active blonde a sharp object... hmm, REAL SMART! XDDD But like I've said before, they all think I'm a natural redhead, so I kind of slip by that one.

I'm actually in the University Computer lab right now. Mondays I have class, and well my professor is out for the next two weeks. (*secretly does happy dance*) So yeah, I'm not really doing anything right now.

I suppose this is getting long, so I will leave you here. TTYL!


~New Art~

Puppies And Pervert

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

   Happy New Year!


Hi everyone! I told you guys i wouldn't be back for a looooooooooong time! Its been a whole year since I been here! XD Unless you really get technical its only been like 7 weeks XDDD

Well I got my computer up and running again. ^_^ My grandma was nice enough to buy it for me! =D I'm so happy! But my computer itself still isnt running all that well...


But i'm slowly but surely restoring it... vvvvveeeeerrrrryyyy slowly. TTTT_TTTT The only things I can't recover are some of the stories I wrote (but luckily I had some of them saved on my flash drive! =D Yay), mainly because my computer somehow deleted Microsoft Word. o_o;;;; Odd, I know... >_< But I still have Wordpad, which is sort of the same thing. Sort of... (*coughcoughnothardlycough*) But not all is lost, at least. At least my comp has about 5GBs of extra space on it now then it did before Lol XDDD

Well enough of that. ^_^ I'm happy that school's still out for another week. I coulcn't stand going back. TT_TT But when I do, I have midterms not only for my Highschool, but for the University as well... TTTTT_TTTTT But they shouldn't be hard, seeing as I have a heavily weighted GPA, so if I fail I can still pass with a C. XD

Last night was the best night of 2007 I must admit. I went with one of my friends, her mom, and my grandma to Circus Circus and we played games and stuff. (Adults=Casino Friend and I=Arcade) XD And im not gona lie. IT WAS PACKED!!!! O_o BUt I had a alot of fun.(Mostly cause I kept beating my friend at Air Hockey though... cuz she claimed to be the best.)Then We went outside and stood on the roof of the the parking garage to watch the fireworks go off all downtown. XD Every one of the casinos lit fireworks off of the rooftops! =D It was neat! but the only thing is... TT_TT From where we were standing (and the like 100 other people there too) The West Tower of Circus Circus blocked out oer half the show. >_< But we still got to watch them from the casino across the street! XDDD But they were pretty.

We stayed at Circus Circus until 2:30 in the morning. XD I played NX (Pump It Up game... the same game in which I qualified and won the tourney for) and I outshowed this one guy who was trying to act all cool. XD He was all "daaaaaamn" ROFLMAO It was so funny. XDDD And his friends were making fun of him too. That kinda made me feel bad.... but who cares!? I was having fun! =DDD

When I finally got home, my Grandma went to bed immediately but I stasyed up until about 5... then I finally fell asleep. *Blames the two bottles of Mountain Dew I had at the Arcade* And well, I woke up and TADA! I'm here. XD

Well thats it for now! I'll check in soon. ADIOS!


1) What did you get for Xmas/Hanukka/Kwaanza/ Other Holiday?

2) Do you hate Finals? And are they scheduled anytime soon for you?

3) Love, Money, Health, or Luxury? (choose one)

~~~My Answers~~~

1) Well I got a lot of little things. I got hundreds of things of lipbalms and lipglosses, and I don't even wear it that often. o_o; I also got two huge cases of makeup (again I don't wear it that much [just eyeliner and concealer most of the time]) I got some really funny fuzzy slippers that look like tigers, and a fuzzy robe. XD But I'm waiting now for my best present... MY MOM BOUGHT ME A Wii!!!!!! *jumps up and down* But They had like 700 on backorder or something. TT_TT So I'll be getting it at the end of January/Early Febuary. (More like BDay present for me then)

2) Hell yes, and they are next week. TT_TT

3) Love, I couln't live with out being loved by someone, wether it be my friends or my family.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

   Im Still Alive!

Hey all... *cries*

Um, This is hard. I uh kinda lost my computer.... ^_^' Yeeeeeeah, my internet service was shut down last week and Im really hatin it! >.<

Im currently posting because Im at the University for tutoring and trying to get some assesments for my classes done, but thankfully, my tutor left on vacation! TT_TT But ah well...

I'm so so sorry that I havent posted, and I suppose that this is the last time you all will be seeing me in a loooooooooooooooooong time...... But I hope tyo have my internet service back up and running in the next couple months, and since my tutor is nice she might just let me use the computer so I CAN post! =D but again I apologize, TTTTT_TTTT plllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaassssseeee Forgive me!

But ill just do a random post now.

The Friday before last was the all time favorite Military Ball! =D Its where people of all the branches of the Military get together for well... a dance! XD I went, but I went alone. T.T I just hung out with a few of my friends and what not, I also got to see several of my College Buddies! =D Woo! But I had a lot of fun, I just kinda hung out and talked the whole time, took a few pictures, and just had a lot of fun.

On an even happier note, today I was chosen to be an XO for Drill Team! YAY! An XO is second in command! What now? Im a freshman and I get to boss around all the Seniors... *snicker snicker* XD Go me! BUt Im actually just the Xo for the upcoming Brigade Knowledge Bowl, which is a test of general knowledge... (Real smart, choosing a natural blonde to command XD [but everyone thinks im a Natural Redhead rofl XO])

So im really happy about that. Last drill meet which was this past Saturday, I got to work with the Silver State Brigade Commander and the Colonel, personally! Woo! And Im a Freshman! Usually only Seniors and Juniors get to work in matters like this! YESSSSS! <333333++++

Well yesh yesh, I am still alive, but My computer... is not... *points at the sky and hangs head in shame* TT_TT And added ont that, I have to leave now cuz my class is almost over... grr... TT_TT and I want to visit you all and respond to the like 100 messages I have, but I simply can't right now. If i can, I will visit, if I cant... well...

So I guess this is goodbye for now, and as soon as Im able to post agian I will. See you all again someday!


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Thursday, November 22, 2007

   Happy Thanksgiving

^_^ Happy Turkey Day!!!

Ni, Iím so tired... TT_TT I just got back from Thanksgiving Lunner (dinner started at 2 lol) and I am beat. My cute little three-year-old cousin kept tackling me and screaming. XD Naturally, as the oldest child there I had to keep an eye on her.... TT_TT little kids can be such a pain sometimes.

Last night I celebrated Thanksgiving with my friends. =D My friends Saki, Squeakers, Kensuu, Hiro, and I went over to my friend Uko's house and we ate Turkey, Ham, and all the pickings. XD Then we watched some of Silent Hill (I effing love that movie) Then Hiro had to leave so it got boring...

But the rest of us went outside to play hacky-sack (sp?). After getting bored of Hacky-sack, Uko got out his bamboo ninja sword and three staffs and we started sparring. X3 Ninja Style... I kept hitting Uko's girlfriend Saki, just to piss him off. Needless to say, I got my ass kicked by him TT__TT (Men, I can never understand why they canít take a little joking every now and again). But then I bit him in the arm and he left me alone XD rofl

After that, we played Hide-And-Seek (yes, we're such immature children XD all of us 14, 15, and 16 playing games... WHO CARES? IF YOU DO THEN LEAVE! XP NYA!) But we added a little twist to it, instead of tagging with your hands, you took the bamboo sword and thwacked the person over the head or stab them in the side. >XO I have bruises to prove the sparring and the tag.

Friday was my choir concert. This one matters though because we are performing in front of judges... MEAN judges. *shudders* Well the only bad part thankfully was just the girls having to wear Dresses and High Heels >.< [I hate them so much] but our singing wasnít that bad... >_> We got an okay rank, which is above average =D! Things could have gone a lot better if this one girl was singing the right words... T_T Sheís a real loud singer too so it sucks.

Well last Saturday was my second ROTC drill meet! =D But the thing is, I wasnít supposed to perform. I was just a guard so I just sat around and watched the stuff. (Rifles, Uniforms, Food, People ect ect) But an hour before Exhibition was supposed to go, it turns out that someone didnít show

Let me get one thing straight though, Exhibition= Top Of The Line; Hardest To Get Into, Death If You Mess Up, The Coveted Spot For All.

Well they grabbed 3 freshman, including me, and pull4ed us into the back of the school. They made us do a Routine three, which is kicking the rifle up from your side and into the air, catching it, then turning it a half rotation then throwing it way above your head so it does a 540. Then you catch it and do another flip the opposite direction. (Trust me its a lot harder than it sounds... seeing as my school doesnít used the lightweight modified weapons... our weigh about 10lbs [about 4 kg])

Well I was the only one to pull it off. SO BAM! I got on Exhibition! o_o...

Well I only went through the routine three times and during the actual performance, I messed up twice. TT_TT but so did two other people (how odd) But somehow, we placed 4th! XD Out of 11 schools! Yay! =3

and none of the other teams from my school placed at all! o_o Which makes it even more special!

But the thing is, nobody will quit harassing me because when I almost dropped the rifle (I saved it) my jaw dropped for a few seconds... XD totally ruining the 'Tough Game Face' mode we were in. lol But I just laugh with them... Somebody has to be the Laugh of the Drill meet. XD Plus seeing as I'm a natural blonde I'm used to it X3

Well this is getting long so I shall leave you here! =D Have a good one!



1) What did you have for Thanksgiving?

2) What do you want for Xmas? (or Hanukkah or any other holiday if you celebrate it)

3) Red or Green?

~My Answers~

1) Ham, Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Yams, Stuffing, Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, And Pudding. (all over the course of three days guys not all at once o_o;)

2) A Wii w/ all the accessories needed (Memory Card, The new Controllers, a Skin, and all the good games [*coughBleach:ShatteredBladecough*]) An I pod (I really want one), a digital camera, (FOR COSPLAY! X3), and a cell phone. (my old one broke)

3) RED! X3

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Monday, November 12, 2007

..:::L Takes Over My Mind:::..

Hey everyone! I'm jut making a real quick post, seeing as I have a lot of homework to do.

Well I want to tell you guys, In the drill meet last week for ROTC, the freshman team actually placed! =D And get this, the Sophmore/Junior/Senior teams DIDNT!!!!!!!!! XDDDD Well My team placed 2nd for the armed portion, and we placed 4th for unarmed. ^_^ Pretty good if you ask me. Well the only reason the higher class didnt score was because the commanders ran the team right into the wall during preformance! o_o; its sad I know.

But the greatest feat was when one girl from my school, Roxy, made a routine with another girl called a duel top preform. But turns out the other girl didnt show. Roxy was all in tears and sooo upset because this happened to her last year and she was demoted for it. >_< Sad yes. But get this, 20 minutes before performance, she trained another girl and they performed it. And guess what? THEY PLACED FIRST! *applauds* I know that was the best.

My school places Second overall though! =D Beat that! lol

Well Yesterday was the Veteran's Day Parade in downtown and I got to march in that. ^_^ I also got to march with a Rifle again! =D yay go me! lol And hopefully I will be promoted again. n_n

Well enough about ROTC, onto my life.

I have found myself a new anime obsession! =D I bet none of you can guess... XD If you want a hint, look all over my site.

Well speaking of L, I did a couple of quick fanarts of him. I'm thinking about adding some color to them later, but I cant say for sure. I've been really busy. @.@


Hosted By theOtaku.com.


Hosted By theOtaku.com.

I also have PSATs coming up on the 30th of this month. I am one of the only freshman taking it. TT_TT Im gona suck... but I'll try! =D I will outshow the Sophmores! >=O lol But wish me luck, nya?

Well thats it, ^_^ TTYL!




Chapter 93: Envy


I indeed had gotten a hold of Reno, who sounded upset for some reason. I told him that I would come over as soon as I could, and thats just what I did, only after a horde of questions on how I was going to get there and multiple offers to come and pick me up. I merely told him I'd be there soon and I hung up.

I pulled into Reno's driveway and quickly fixed my makeup a bit before I switched off the ignition. I had only opened the door and stepped out when Reno opened the front door. He stood there, awestruck as he watched we close the door and turn toward him.

"Like it?" I asked.

Reno at an obvious loss for words ran over to the car and looked it over, "Like it? Damn you Elena... I love this car..."

I laughed, "Hey keep your paws off the paintjob..."

Reno held is hands up and backed away. I just laughed more. "How did you get this thing?" He asked as he walked over to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulders.

"A birthday present from Rufus." Reno eyed me suspiciously as I said this, and I shook my head, "I know what you're thinking.. its nothing like that I swear! Its a... erm... long story..."

Reno continued to eye me suspiciously as we went inside. I decided to tell him Rufus and my little secret... as long as he vowed not to tell another living soul. Reno got us both a drink as he sat down by me on the couch.

"OK you swear not to tell anyone..." I said as I looked at Reno.

"I swear..." Reno said as he raised his hand.

"Ok then... Rufus and I are..." I paused for a second, "Brother and Sister."

Reno, who had put his glass to his lips to take a drink of his water, choked. "Say What?"

"Half-brother and sister actually..." I said softly, "However... my sister Gun, wasn't related."

Reno took a few seconds to process what he had just heard, "So... you... mean...?"

"Yes, and get this... Im two years older than him... so rightfully, Im the heir to the Shinra Co. and family fortune."

"Rufus stole the money from you?"

"No no! I told him he could keep it. But he said that If I ever needed anything to turn to him, for money problems or anything I wanted or needed, He'd give it to me in a heartbeat... and if Shinra Co. was ever started again him and I would be partners in running the business... but thats not gona happen..."

"Wow...." Reno breathed, "Wow..."

"Yes Reno.. I know..."



"Ok ok. Sorry."

I sighed as I leaned my head back against the back of the couch and closed my eyes. "Hey Reno,"


I sat up again and opened my eyes, "Im still waiting for that present of yours..." I said with a wink. Reno laughed,

"Ah yes, I almost forgot..." Reno got up and disappeared into the backroom for a bit. I sighed as I leaned my head back again.

"Here. Its not much but yeah, I think youll like it." Reno said as he came back in, and sat by me. I sat up and accepted the gift he held in his hand. I looked at him as to ask if I should open it now or not. Reno nodded, "Open it."

I lifted the top off of the box and looked inside. The box itself was the size of a shoebox, but the content was much smaller. I pulled out the small bottle inside and almost came to tears, "H-how... did you get this?"

"I pulled a few strings..." Reno laughed, "I didn't know if you used your other one yet so..."

In fact I hadn't used my other bottle of the Getaku Essence, which was in my purse at the time. I held the bottle of the eerie blue liquid in front of my face as I examined it. "I didn't use my other one yet actually..." I replied softly.


"Really..." I got a sudden idea and the urge to use the potion now. I had begun to pull off the stopper of the bottle then paused, "Nah... I think I'll save it..."

Reno looked at me curiously then smiled, "What were you thinking?"

"If I told you that, it most likely wouldn't come true..." I replied with a smirk.

"Then why don't you just use it and garantee it come true?"

True, I could of used the potion now. For the Getaku Essence grants its user either 12 hours of pure luck, or grants them one of their deepest wishes or desires almost instantanuously. Or, if acting on the moment, turns the situation to the users favor.

"I don't think I need it for this though..." I replied, "But yeah, thank you Reno." I finished as I placed the bottle back into the box and put it on the table. I then continued to give him a hug, "Thank you so much..."

"No problem Elena," Reno replied as he hugged me back. We sat there for at least 5 minutes, neither of us even dared to break the embrace. I didn't mind... I always had this secure feeling when I was in his arms. I didn't know why though, I just did. I was the one sadly to break this embrace. I avoided his eyes afterward though.

"Reno..." I whispered, "Thank you so much, you're amazing."

Reno looked deeply into my eyes and leaned in. The instant I closed my eyes his lips were over mine. He ran his fingers through my hair as I wrapped my arms around his neck. I felt his other hand moving back and forth across my thigh. He licked my bottom lip for entrance and I gladly let him in. After a few minutes, I broke the kiss because, sadly, my phone rang. I cursed as I reached over and grabbed my purse.

"I gota get this..." I said as I pulled out my phone and looked at the caller ID. "Its Rude.." I opened the phone and before I was even able to say Hello, Rude's voice hit my ears.

"Elena, get down to the hospital quick, Mia's having the baby." Thats all he said and hung up.

"Holy Cr-" I stood up, "Reno I gota get down to the hospital, Mia's having her baby..." I snatched up my things and headed for the door. Reno was by my side as I reached to open the door.

"I'm coming with." he said. I responded with a nod and ran outside to the car. Reno, pausing only to lock the door, was soon by me. And before I knew it, we were speeding off down the highway toward our awaiting friend.

Chapter 94: Little One


Rude nervously paced back and forth in front of me as I sat in a chair in the waiting room. I glanced over at Reno who was lounging back in his chair with his eyes closed. After a few more minutes I got tired of it.

"Rude, please buddy.... just take a seat... you're making me a nervous wreck." I growled. Rude paused and looked at me.

"I'm sorry..." he said softly and took a seat next to me, "It's hard...."

"It's ok," I replied with a smile, "Mia's fine... don't worry."

Rude hunched over in his seat and folded his hands in his lap. He just stared at his feet. I looked at Reno, trying to find something to say. Reno merely shrugged and closed his eyes again. I sighed and put my hand on Rude's shoulder. "Its fine..." I whispered, "Trust me."

It wasn't until an hour or so later that the nurse came rushing out. She asked who the father was and Rude stood up and went with her, a smile on his face. I smiled over at Reno who smiled back. I leaned my head on his shoulder for the next hour or so until another nurse came into the room.

"You can go see her now..." she said. I got up anxiously, Reno did the same, and walked down the hall with the nurse.

~5 minutes later~

"And to think... you had this baby on the day of the baby shower... and my birthday." I laughed. Mia smiled weakly at me,

"Thank you Elena... you made it a day to remember."

"Don't mention it."

"What did you name him?" Reno asked, taking the words right out of my mouth.

"Leroy..." Rude said, as he and Mis smiled at eachother. I nodded my head and smiled.

"Nice name," I said as I leaned in to look at the baby, "Well little Leroy... welcome to this world..."

"And into our family..." Reno added.

"You'll be the god parents?" Mia asked.

"I wouldn't mind," I said. Reno nodded.

"Sure thing..."

Just then a nurse stepped into the room. I looked at her and she motioned for the door, I nodded. "Well anyway, we'd best be going... Reno?"

"Yeah I'm coming. See ya."

Rude and Mia both waved as we walked out of the room. Reno and I said nothing as we followed the nurse out into the main hall.

"I'm sorry for dragging you all out like that..." she said, "But visiting hours are over except for immediate family."

"Its no problem." I replied.

"OK I'll leave you here, just take the elevator down and you'll find your way out." The nurse said. Reno and I both said our thanks as we continued on to the elevator. We said nothing to eachother until we got to the car.

"Shall I take you home, or do you wish to go somewhere else?" I asked as I rumaged through my purse and pulled out the car keys. "It is ten minutes until 2:00..."

"I don't care," Reno replied as we climbed in.

"How about this... stay over at my house tonight and I'll take you back in the morning?" I asked. Reno thought about it for a minute then nodded.

"Feh, why not?" Reno flashed me his smirk, "We DID get interrupted earlier..." He raised and eye brow.

"Reno Reno Reno... what am I going to do with you?" I laughed and shook my head slowly.

Chapter 95: The Moment Of Truth


~Three weeks had past since that life-changing day for Mia and Rude. Leroy is healthy and happy, and so is the rest of the family. Then today, Reno called me, asking to meet him at Costa del Sol. Why? I had no idea.~

I pulled into the main gates and spotted Reno's car immediatly outside of the Seaside Lounge, the new bar on the coastline where I once spent an evening with Jason, Reno's younger brother. I really didn't have to look though because a swarm of people were pausing to look at his car, which was rare sight anywhere. I pulled into the parking lot besides his car and climbed out. The group of people immediatly went to work looking at my car. With a sigh, I locked it as I walked inside of the main doors.

"Ah there you are... Took you long enough." Reno said as I walked in. I smiled as I gave him a hug.

"Its good to see you too..." I retorted. Reno laughed and kissed the top of my head before we walked out onto the deck.

Reno and I sat down. I thanked the waiter as he brought us each a drink, then turned toward Reno.

"So, whats up?" I asked.

"Oh, nothing really, I just wanted to visit with you is all." Reno replied with a smile.

"Is that so?" I chuckled a bit, "Thats good to hear."

"Anyway, how's Mia, Rude, and their kid?" Reno asked.

"Hm? Oh they're good. Last I heard from them though was two days ago. Oh, thats right.. I was supposed to call them today... damn." I muttered.

Reno laughed, "I'm sure they'll forgive you."

I nodded, "I am too."

"So hows Charcoal?"

"She's good... she's hardly ever home anymore... out and about now I guess." I replied. It had been over a week since I've seen her. I figured though that the worst had happened and she wasn't going to come back. But I wouldn't tell Reno that.

Reno chuckled slightly, "Well I figured that you haven't seen her because she showed up on my doorstep yesterday." I nearly choked on my drink.

"Excuse me?"

"Yep, shes taken in nicely to the house. I tried to find her today to bring her back but I haven't seen her anywhere. Its a miracle she found her way to my house, seeing as she never been there before."

I sat there in shock for a minute, then began laughing. "Well she is YOUR cat after all."

"I gave her to you though."

"So? You were the one who got her."

"True true..." Reno said softly, "You know Elena..." I looked at him, but he was looking out over the ocean, "I was thinking..."

"You were? How strange for you." I said, Reno's glared at me from the corner of his eye. I laughed softly and he switched his gaze back over the ocean. "So tell me... what were you thinking about?"

Reno was silent for a moment then sighed. He looked over at me and smiled, "You..."

I raised my eyebrow, "Really?"

"Mhmm... Its funny actually..."

I glared at him playfully, "And what exactly is funny about me, Reno?"

Reno chuckled, "How different you act when you're around me than you are with anyone else."

I paused for a second and thought, after a few minutes I continued, "Whats so funny about it? I just feel more open and happy when I'm around you. I feel like I could be myself is all, if you rather I-"

"No no, I like you the way you are, Elena." Reno cut in, "I was just saying." He laughed nervously. I sighed and shrugged it off. I watched the sun setting when I got up.

"Walk with me..." I said, it wasn't a demand, but Reno got up and walked with me down to the shoreline.

The beach in this area was quiet, all of the people had gone home or was on their way home. That was the great thing about Costa del Sol, even when there were people there, There were never too many. I sighed as I sat down on the sand and took off my sandals to let the water roll over my feet. Reno sat by me, but he kept his feet close to him, away from the water's edge. After a while I sighed, and layed back, with my head resting on Reno's lap as I watched the stars coming out from above. I sighed, and closed my eyes.

"Hey Elena..."


Reno was silent so I opened my eyes and looked up at him.

"What?" I sat up, and looked at him. Reno closed his eyes, then, turning toward me, took a deep breath.

"Will you marry me?"

I sat there, dumbfounded, feeling as if someone had hit me over the head with a baseball bat. 'Did he just... He couldn't... This is Reno for goodness sake!' thoughts like that whirled through my head. Suddenly, I felt tears whelling up behind my eyes and with a squeal of delight, I threw my arms around Reno's neck. "Yes! Omigod of course I will!" I squealed and hugged him tighter than I ever hugged anyone before. Reno just as happy, hugged me back and it was then I knew for sure...

I will never be alone ever again.


Epilogue: 15 Years Later


"Leroy, not so fast!" Mia yelled,

"I got him!" Reno shouted as he blocked his path.

"Dad, catch!" the now 15 year-old Leroy shouted back as he threw the football to Rude, and avoided Reno by inches. Rude, ready for it caught the ball and ran, but was suddenly thrown over by someone shoving him in the side.

"Alright! You show him whose boss, Lily!" I shouted from the sidelines. The red-headed girl who had tackled Rude, picked up the football and ran full speed to the side of the field.

"Touchdown!" Lily yelled as she held the ball high over her head and ran in a wide semi-circle until she was facing the rest of the players. She stuck her tounge out at Rude, and danced around singing some victory song that was all her own. Reno walked over to her and gave her a high five. Then they began walking back toward Mia and me, who were sitting on the patio. This is the advantage of having several acres for a backyard. You can have a bunch of people over and have enough room to have a party and then some. I could never thank Reno enough for buying this house, and I could never thank Rude and Mia enough for moving in next door, it was good to have company.

Mia smiled, "You know... you're daughter makes a good football player"

"She gets that from her father," I replied.

"Damn straight..." Lily said happily as she walked up, "Dad's the best there is." She smiled at me, her brown-green eyes shone in the sunlight as she turned her gaze to her father.

"Lily... what have I told you about cursing?" I said sternly,

"But I'm 14! I'm not a kid anymore, Mom!" Lily retorted, "I can do what I damn well please..." she folded her arms across her chest and stuck her nose into the air.

I glared at Reno who smiled innocently back at me, "Now now Lily, mind your mother..." he said.

"But Dad-" Lily began to protest.

"Lily." Reno cut in and raised an eyebrow.

Lily sighed and slumped her shoulders, "Ok ok... hmph..."

"Yo Lily!" Leroy called from on the other side of the field, "Wana play catch?" He threw the football into the air several times.

"Sure!" Lily replied, "See ya guys..." She darted off in his direction.

"Can I go play too, Mommy?" Lea, Mia's daughter, asked as she tugged on her mother's pant leg.

Mia chuckled and picked her daughter up and rested her on her hip, "Not until you're older sweetie..."

"When I'm 5?" Lea asked hopefully, and Mia smiled and hugged her kid. Rude laughed and tousled his daughters long hair.

I turned my attention to Tseng, who was sitting on the other side of the backyard with his wife and kid. I smiled as I looked at his kid, who was nearly 13 now, and noticed that he looked just like Tseng (he even had the mark on his head).

"So..." Reno began as he sat down by me and followed my gaze to Tseng, "Thats his kid huh?" Whats his name?"

"Uh, Riku... If I'm not mistaken," said a voice from behind us. I glanced over to see who it was. A teenage boy stood in front of us, his hair a strikingly bright blonde and his eyes a deep shade of blue. "Awful shy kid... doesn't like anyone. If I ever get the chance I'll knock some sense into him someday." The boy continued to punch the air in front of him a few times.

"Brett!" Tifa called, "Oh hey guys!" she continued as she walked up, Cloud just in tow. "Long time no see."

"You don't say." I began as I stood up, "Its good to see you." I gave Tifa a hug. Over the past few years, Tifa and Cloud have become two of our closest family friends, their son included.

"Brett!!!" a voice carried over the sound of everyone's voices. "Get over here!" Everyone glanced over to see Lily motioning for him to come over.

"Come join us, yeah?" Leroy called after.

"Can I?" Brett asked as he looked up at Tifa. Tifa nodded and Brett ran off to meet his friends.

"He's gotten tall..." Reno said, and Cloud nodded.

"Yeah, I know... he grew almost a foot this summer..." Cloud replied.

"Hey Elena," Tifa said and tugged on my sleeve, "Lets go somewhere else, you too Mia." The three of us excused ourselves as we walked to another table, where we all sat down. "Oh yeah and thanks for planning this reunion party Elena, great idea." Tifa added.

"Heh, I thought it was time... and don't thank me. It was actually Reno's idea," I said as I glanced over at him. Reno seemed to be joking around with Rude, Cloud, and Tseng (who decided to have some fun after all). I turned my gaze back to the table.

"But you WERE the one who planned it right?" Mia suggested, "I thought so..." she finished before I had a chance to respond.

"Yeah ok..." I muttered and sighed.

"Hey everyone," Kim said as she walked up with her son in tow. Her son, Vance, I noted, looked just like Vincent, jet black hair and dark brown eyes. In the 15 years that had gone by, Vincent had found a cure for his curse, and was now fully human again. His body made him look like a middle-aged man. Almost exactly the same as before he became a guinnea pig for all the experiments he was put through.

"Hey Kim!" everyone said simultaneously said at the table, after a few shocked moments we all began laughing.

"Why dont you let Vance play over in the kiddie area? Yuffie is keeping an eye on them." Mia suggested.

"Really? Oh ok.. I'll be right back.." Kim said and walked over toward the small, fenced-off playground, where, sure enough, Yuffie was playing with Lea and Reno, my 6 year old son, named after his father due to the striking resemblence.

"Anyway, how have things been?"

~2 hours later~

The party was now in full swing, all of the kids and some adults had gotten into a game of hide-and-seek, which was fun to just watch. I joined in when it was Lily's turn to be Seeker. It was all fun, because we all seemed like children ourselves. Afterwards though, I walked back to the patio to rest in the shade.

"Hey Elena," said a cool voice from behind me, I turned and smiled.

"Hey Tseng, long time no talk. Whats it been... four years?" I replied.

"Five actually, but yes, it has been a long time." Tseng replied. I noticed his son standing next to him, who was staring at me with wide-misty eyes; the poor thing looked as if he had just been scolded.

"How have things been?" I asked as I glanced out at the field. I saw Leroy and Brett wrestling eachother and Lily, standing close by, was most likely the referee.

"Things have been good." Tseng replied.

"Why don't you go play with the others?" I asked Riku, who was eyeing the kids wrestling. I noticed that Lily had gotten in on the fight and I sighed, Lily was never one to be a girly-girl.

"I... don't... know...." Riku began, his voice quivering. I looked up at Tseng.

"He's shy." Tseng whispered and smiled.

"Just go out there, I'm sure that you'll fit in." Once I said that though I instantly regretted it. Lily was sitting on top of the two boys, and was shouting obscenities and insults at them. "Just like her father..." I muttered under my breath.

"But... I dont think... they'd like me..." Riku continued.

"Sure they will," I said with a smile. Riku shook his head and turned to Tseng.

"I'm going to find mother..." with a slight bow, he sped off.

"I didn't mean to offend him. I'm sorry." I said to Tseng.

"Nah, Don't worry about it, he's always like that. He's just like his mother." Tseng replied with a chuckle. I smiled, then somone called for Tseng. I realized it was his wife and I nodded, and we both went our seperate ways. I looked over at the wrestling match that was still going on. I rolled my eyes when Lily ran off and Leroy chased her across the field, Brett stayed sitting on the ground, laughing at what I assumed was a really peculiar insult that Lily had said to Leroy. I watched as Lily darted into the cover of some trees, and left Leroy wondering where she went. I felt something warm and inviting touch my waist and something nuzzling into my shoulder.

"Hey baby,"

"Reno, please," I laughed. Reno rested his chin on my shoulder.

"You know... earlier I saw Lily and Leroy kissing," he said and rubbed my stomache a bit, "I just saw them run off into the cover if the bushes, and I know you did too..." He paused to nuzzle his face into my shoulder again, "I wonder what they're doing now..." A wave of shock washed over me.

"And you didn't stop them?" I blurted out.

"Easy babe, I was only kidding." Reno said with a smile. I pushed him away and stomped my foot.

"I've known you for 20 years now and you still haven't changed..." I muttered. Reno laughed.

"All for the sake of old times."

"Old times my ass." I saw Lily darting out of the cover of the trees now an running full speed toward Brett, who had gotten to his feet.

"I LOST HIM!!!" I heard her yell, "HE CAN'T CATCH ME!!!" She screamed loudly as Leroy appeared out of basically nowhere and jumped onto her back.

"PIGGY BACK RIDE!" He yelled. After he said this, Lily fell backward under his weight and with a loud scream from the both of them, they both hit the ground. Lily let out an aggrevated growl and sat on top of Leroy and began punching him repeatedly in the chest.

I couldn't help but laugh because everyone at the party looked in their direction. Reno smiled, "Those three are inseperable... like a family huh?"

"Make that... four," I said as Riku, who finally got his courage up, ran over. Brett was in the process of pulling Lily off of Leroy when he walked up. A conversation was exchanged between the kids and they all smiled. Then they all got into a calmer (and safer) game of catch.

"Mama!" A voice said and I felt something tugging on my pant leg. I looked down to see Reno, my son, looking up at me with tears in his eyes. Reno, my husband, looked down as well.

"Whats wrong sweetie?" I asked as I crouched down.

Reno held his finger up to me, there was a small cut on it. "I got a boo-boo..." He sniffed and wiped the tears from his eyes with his opposite hand.

"Well, let's just get that fixed up shall we?" I scooped my son up into my arms and began heading back to the house. Reno walking by me the whole way back.


I want to say this to Kimmeh-senpai... I apologize for the kid.

I really didnt ask her permission first before I made it that her character had a kid. XD I thought it would be better as a surprise.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Happy Halloween Everyone!

=3 Im actually sitting here in my room writing this in my Halloween costume. We have a delayed start for school today because the Juniors and Seniors have finals XDDDD

Well I'm A witch this year... =3 I pulled my hair back into a ponytail and tucked it into a witch hat. The hat has hair on the edges so it looks like I have greyish-blue hair instead of Flamboyant Red... XDDDD its a drastic change... And I made my costume out of things I found around my house. XD *ish poor* I have on a simple striped black and white shirt and a black spaghetti strap shirt over it, and a long skirt that I had in my closet, some strpiped stockings, and a pair of my Grandmother's boots. XDDD It look good for all old stuff. XD And I know this is out of topic but I also found my Photoshop Disc!!!!! YAY GO ME! So now I have Photoshop!!!

My best friend Robert is being a mime, my other friend John is Micheal Jackson (*gigglesnort* look out kiddies! XD) My freind Alexis is going to be a fairy, Raven is being herself *she doesnt 'do' halloween*, Damien is being a Zombie, and my friend Jeramiah, is being Jigsaw from the saw movies... XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD man we are odd when it comes to costumes.. I was originally planning to be a Vampire. XD And we are all going to do "Thriller" in the courtyard today with John in the lead cuz well... hes MJ XD

Well last week was finals for me. Guess what? I got one of the highest scores on my Formal Geometry exam!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT AN A!!! OMFGLNW! O__O I know! So yeah im proud of that seeing as iM one of the only freshman in that class. XD I also got a's in the rest of my classes.

I've been promoted in ROTC TOO!!! XD Im so happy! I was promoted because I got to march in the Nevada Day Parade last Saturday... and I GOT TO MARCH WITH A RIFLE!!!! XDDDD Freshman never get invited to do that! *dances* But I really wanted to march with Drumline... TT__TT but they were full... ^_^ theres always next parade!

Well I really don't have much tosay... school starts in an hour so I better get my butt in gear and get going... HAPPY HALLOWEEN AGAIN! *waves* Gota jet, Later!


Chapter 91: A Baby Shower... or A Birthday Party?


~Have you ever planned a party for 5 maybe 10 people? I'm sure you have... ok now try multiplying the hassle of that by 15... about 75-150 people... remember... you need food... drinks... enough seating... entertainment... ect ect. Alright? Planning this party was no easy task... so theres bound to be a few problems here and there.~

"OK everyone... the moment of truth has arrived..." Mia squealed with delight and held up an envelope, "I've had these results for weeks now... and I've been itchin to read them... but i was thinking about just waiting and letting it be a surprise. But then again-"

"Oh move on with it already! Come on the suspense is killing me!" Some one from the crowd shouted.

"Ok... here goes..." Mia opened the envelope and read over the paper, she held it up, "Its a boy!"

"Nice!" I shouted, "Congrats Mia!.... Aw man..." I groaned as Miguel opened up his hand in front of me. I slapped a 20 into it and sighed. Reno laughed beside me and patted my shoulder, and I looked at him just to recieve a smile.

"You should of went with me..." Miguel said as he trotted off into the crowd.

~20 minutes later~

The opening of presents droned on painfully slow. Every other present was either: a) Baby clothing... b) Baby Blanket... or c) Baby toys. There were some pretty nice gifts, but the best had to be the full furniture set from Rufus. I can't believe he actually learned to share his money. But then again, ever since he had Geostigma, was was a changed man. He wasn't the man who still believed the only way to rule was through fear anymore.

"Thank you everyone..." Mia said, "This'll help out alot..."

"Theres one more thing..." I cut in and walked up to Mia and handed her an envelope, she looked at me curiously. I nodded to her and smiled.

Mia opened up the envelope and her mouth opened and closed a few times, finally after some spluttering she managed, "Elena! I can't accept this!"

"Of course you can, put it away for the kids education or somethin... or use it to your liking... its your choice." I replied, "And if you're wondering where I got the money well... lets just say I got it a while back..."

"What is it?" Yuffie asked as she looked over Mia's shoulder, "Oooo... Hey if you dont want that, I'll take it!"

"Yuffie..." Tseng growled, Yuffie yipped and ducked back away by him.

"But Elena... $15,000?" Mia said as she looked up at me. The whole crowd started buzzing with conversation. Rude suddenly wore a shocked expression and snatched the check from Mia's hands. I just laughed.

"Hey, do you want it or not?"

"Yes Yes of course!" Mia chimed up, she got up and gave me a hug, "Oh thank you thank you thank you!!!"

"Its no problem." I said, "Just use it wisely... I worked my ass off for that."

~2 Hours Later~

"Wow Elena, I can never thank you enough..." Mia said for the millionth time.

"Look, stop it with the thank yous already, I did it out of the goodness of my heart ok? Im not as heartless as some people may think..." I said as I finished my punch. I tossed the cup away and went outside into the backyard. I sighed as I looked around, It was twilight, my favorite time of the day. I took off my sandals and walked to the edge of the ocean. I sat down just where the waves would wash over my toes. I sighed and closed my eyes.

"At least I could have a solitary moment on my birthday." I thought aloud and reopened my eyes to look at my feet. A small crab scurried by and was carried off by the receeding wave. I sighed and mentally wished it luck in its life in the ocean as I stared at the spot where it just stood. I heard soft footsteps in the sand approaching me from behind, but I said nothing.

"Hey..." Reno said as he sat down beside me.

"Hey..." I replied.

"You ok?" he asked.

"Yeah, I just needed to get a way for a bit." I sighed.

"I see," Reno said and looked at his feet, "That was one hell of a present you gave them..."

"You think?" I asked as I looked at him, "I could of given them more..."

"I know where you got that money..." Reno said with a smirk.

"Really? Where?" I asked and raised an eyebrow.

"The bet you won at the Gold Saucer... that trip you and I went on long ago."

I smiled, "Yep, I still had that tucked away in my safe... and I decided 'what the hell' and gave it to them..."

Reno reached over and tousled my hair, "By the way Elena..."


"Be warned that Rufus is running around telling everyone at the party its your birthday."

"Oh great..." I groaned and covered my face with my hands, "Just what I need... now you know why i didnt want anyone to know it was my Birthday... Mia would of never taken that check..."

"I know. Anyway, you got any plans for tonight?"

"Not really, I think I'm just gona stay behind and clean up... but then again... if Rufus IS telling everyone its my birthday then I might wana get out of here ASAP..." I replied as I looked back up at Reno.

"I would stay if I were you, but not to clean up. Just for the party."

"Well I guess... and why were you asking?"

"No reason..." Reno said softly and sighed, "The party is going to be over in less than an hour anyway. I can understand if you dont want to go back."



"Will you do me a favor?"

Reno smiled, "Anything for you, love."

I leaned my head on his shoulder and sighed, "Stay here with me for a while.." Reno smiled and put his arm around my shoulders.

"With pleasure..." He sighed, and slowly began stroking my hair.

Chapter 92: Happiness


When the sun completely set, Reno and I finaly decided to head back. Hand-in-hand we walked through the back doors and into the now dieing down party. As we walked in though, no one took notice to me. So I figured that Rufus hadn't afterall, told anyone it was my birthday.

"OK thanks for coming, See you later," Mia was at the door, saying goodbye to a large group of guests, who replied with "Mhmms", "Goodbyes", and "See yous" Mia smiled as she closed the door. "Ah, Elena, I was looking for you." She continued as she walked over to me.

"Hm? Whats wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing is wrong, I almost forgot something is all..." replied and pulled a small package from her pocket, "Happy Birthday."

I choked on my spit, "No no Mia please..." I said and pushed the parcel back to her, "The best birthday present was being able to plan your party."

"Hey, you either take this or take your damn check back..." Mia growled as she pressed the package into my hand, "Ya hear?"

"Yeah yeah I hear..." I said softlly, "Thanks Mia."

Mia smiled, "Now if you'd excuse me..." she walked off to say goodbyes to another group that was leaving.

"Mia Mia Mia..." I muttered as I shook my head, "I can take it that this wasnt... YOUR... doing was it Reno?" I questioned as I looked at him.

"M-me? No why would you think it was me?" Reno said quickly. I chuckled slightly.

"Uh huh... sure..."

"It wasnt me! Honest! Elena get back here!" Reno called after me as I headed across the room and into the ballroom.

"Elena, over here!" a voice called from my right. Rufus waved and motioned me to come over. He was standing with Vincent and Tseng. I sighed and walked over.

"Rufus tells me its you're birthday... is this true?" Vincent asked. I glared daggers at Rufus and mouthed the words, 'you bastard'. Rufus just gave me an arrogant smirk.

"Well, looks like I'm caught." I replied as I placed my hand behind my head, "Uh yeah it is... actually..."

Tseng shook his head, "And you planned this party all by yourself... knowing it was your birthday..."

I smiled, "Yeah I did... so what?"

Tseng smiled, "You're an amazing woman Elena..."

Surprisingly, I didn't blush, instead it felt extremly awkward that he was doing this. "Thank you Tseng." I replied. I felt something soft wrap around my waist.

"And this amazing woman is all mine Tseng, so back off." Reno growled. Tseng glared daggers at Reno then stormed off in the other direction. As soon as he was out of sight, everyone standing in our group began laughing.

"Good show, Reno." Rufus said, "That guy deserved it."

"Yeah, Thanks Reno..." I said and gave him a soft kiss on his cheek. Ever since the night he came back and we were caught kissing in the parking lot, we didn't mind showing our affections openly with eachother.

"I sensed something wasn't right so yeah..." Reno looked at me and smiled, "No problem,"

Suddenly Kim was right by me, "Happy birthday!" she said. I groaned.

"Exactly how many people did you tell, Rufus?" I asked. Kim, now standing by Vincent, looked more than a little confused as to why I wasn't happy.

Rufus snickered, "A few..."

"And how much is a few?" I asked when Yuffie appeared in front of me and began to open her mouth but I cut her off with a pointedly, "Save it Yuffie." She huffed,

"Well fine then, Go have a sad Birthday then..." with that she turned on her heels and stormed off.

"All the people closest to you..." Rufus said.

I groaned again and looked at Kim, "Thanks anyway Kim,"

She smiled, "No prob, now if you'd excuse us we must be going." With that she pulled Vincent away and disappeared into the crowd that was starting to exit the room.

"Yeah, I think I'll be going soon as well..." I muttered, "But I'm gona stay to clean up of course."

~30 minutes later~

Everyone had left, and I mean everyone. It was only me now standing in the empty ballroom, which was a terrible mess. "Where did Rufus and Heston wander off too?" I asked myself over and over again as I stuffed empty cups and pieces of broken streamers into a trashbag. "They could of at least stayed to help out..." I mentally cursed the lot as I finished cleaning in scilence. And after what seemed like hours I actually finished cleaning. I was begining to push back the tables and couches to their respectable places when Rufus walked in... shining in all his damn glory.

"Elena, what are you doing here?" He asked.

"Juggling cabbages, what does it look like Im doing?" I growled as I finally had rearranged the room to how it was before. I wiped the sweat from my brow as I looked over at Rufus. He narrowed his eyes at me and then shook his head slowly with a sigh.

"You didn't have to-"

"Yes I did Rufus..." I said curtly as I picked up my jacket, "Now if you'll excuse me..." I shouldered my way by him and began to walk toward the door when Rufus grabbed my arm.

"Wait wait wait..." he said softly and I glared at him, "I haven't given you your present yet."

"Present? What- Oh..." I muttered as I jerked out of his grasp, remembering it was my birthday.

Rufus handed me another package that I could now add to my collection, I nodded and with a thank-you I put the parcel in my purse.

"What you're not going to open it?"

"Not until I get home... speaking of home, Wheres Reno? He's supposed to give me a ride..." I thought aloud as I looked around.

Rufus smiled, "I told him that it wasn't necessary..."

"You what?! Why the hell did you do that!?" I growled.

"Open my gift and you'll see why..."

As I stood there glaring at Rufus, I reached into my purse and pulled out his present. I opened it and pulled out its contents. "OK... whats it to?"

"I'll see you later then Elena..." Rufus said with a smirk, "Enjoy." He disappeared upstairs.

"Hey! You didn't tell me-!" I stopped short and sighed. I looked at the key again.

"Wait a minute..." I muttered softly and ran outside. I began laughing when I saw a brand new, black Viper sitting in the driveway. I mentally cursed Rufus and glanced up at his bedroom window. Rufus saw me looking up at him and quickly darted away from the window. I slowly walked over to the car and ran my fingers over the hood.

"Damn you Rufus..." I said as I opened the door and sat into the drivers seat, "Note to self... repay him someday."

As I started up the car and pulled out of drive, I turned on the radio and flipped stations until I found something to my liking. After a few minutes of driving I pulled out my cell and dialed Reno's number, "Maybe he's home by now..."

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Sunday, October 21, 2007


Sorry about the random title...

Well I told you I would update as soon as I could and I did. Well Im sad to inform you that comments on peoples sites dont seem to be working... buyt I got a few to load... O_O so If I havent visited you im sorry...

Well nothing much has gone on here. I did some more community stuff with ROTC and thats it. I did homecoming opening ceremony with the Garrison flag! =D A freshman NEVER gets invited to do that! So I got to march with that! YES!

And we won Homecoming btw! YEAH GO COLTS!!! >XDDDDD

And yesterday was the ROTC carwash to raise money for the school, and I got to dance around with a sign on the offramp of the freeway trying to get people to come. XD It was fun because I almost got arrested O_O yeah but it was fun anyway!!!!!! >=O

And Bravo Company also won the Street Painting too, btw! *remembers I wrote my last post before I went to that* CUZ WERE THE BEST!!!!

Ok you guys have probably figured out the ROTC is dominating my life.... and it is.... I have fun but I have no time for anything else... its so stressful. T_T But Im not gona quit. =D

Also I realized I havent posted my story in a while so Im gona post up a few chapters today... ^_^ And I also started another fanfic all about Rufus Shinra.

O_O *gasp* I know... ^_^ Would all of you be interested in reading it???? Its kind of graphic, but it goes from the time he was four until he gets older. So would you be interested in reading it? If so tell me please... ^_^ but Im only going one Story at a time lol.

Well thats it till next time, TTYL!!!


Chapter 88: Reunion


I yawned as I looked around the next morning. I looked around the unfamiliar bedroom, wondering where I was. Then I remembered the night before and remembered where I was, and went to turn when something wrapped tightly around my waist. Reno rested his chin on my shoulder and smiled.

"Good morning sunshine..." he teased softly.

"Good morning my ass..." I mumbled. Reno chuckled in response and nuzzled my shoulder, then got up.

I layed on my side and propped my head on my hand as I watched him put on his shirt and walk into the adjoining room. It was then a wave of shock washed over me. I let out a sigh of relief when I realized I was fully clothed, "I guess I was a good girl last night..." I thought as I got up and stretched. I walked out into the livingroom and sat down on the couch. I dug through my purse until I found a hairbrush and ran it through my hair. I put the brush away and had just finished my makeup when Reno came out. I glared at him when he sat down next to me and tousled my hair. I slapped his hand away.

"Come on Reno," I whined as I desperatly tried to fix my hair again, "I just finished fixing my hair..."

"I know, I couldn't resist," he replied with a smirk and then stood up, "Come on... lets get going then."


"I promised I'd get you home before you had to go to work didn't I?" Reno said with a smile. With that comment, I glanced at the clock. I only had 4 hours till I had to go, which means there wouldn't be much time to stop at home.

"Yeah, you did." I replied with a smile, "But Im not letting you give me the slip this time."

Reno smiled, "Don't worry, I plan on staying a while."

"Really?" I asked, "Thats great."

"And Elena..."


Reno stroked my cheek with his hand and looked into my eyes, "What I said last night... I meant it."

I smiled, "And I meant it as well..."

Reno smiled and kissed me on the forehead, "Come on, we'd beter get on the road if we're gona get back on time." He walked over to the front door and I followed.

"Just promise me one thing Reno." I said as we walked out.

"What?" Reno asked as he locked the door and we headed for the car.

"Dont go over 100mph..."

~3 1/2 hours later~

"Hey Mia!" I said chimed happily as I walked into the bar for work, Mia was washing some glasses facing away from the door. "Guess who's here!?" I added as I clung to Reno's arm.

"Wow you sound happy Elena, and you know how I am about guessing games." Mia said with a laugh. She finished the glass she was cleaning and turned around. She froze and stood there awestruck. Reno and I both laughed at her expression.

"I-I must be dreamin... hallucienating..." Mia finally said as a smile grew on her face, "Because that can't possibly be Reno Montague..." She put her hands on her hips as she stood there, her face although she was smiling, still awestruck.

"Ah, but it can." Reno said as he sat down at the bar. Meanwhile, I walked over and got an apron off the wall and put it on. I began cleaning up around the bar.

"I- I... still cant believe- MIGUEL!" Mia yelled, "Miguel get out here!"

Miguel came running out, "Yes ma'am whats- omigod..."

"So you can see him too?" Mia asked.

"Yes I can..." Miguel responded softly.

"He broke into my aparment yesterday..." I called from the opposite end of the bar as I began pouring a customer a drink, "He was sitting there on my couch when I walked in after..." I cleared my throat, "...'work'... Mia..." Mia smiled innocently.

Reno laughed, "You see I didn't break in..." he said as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a key, "I just know where the spare key is hidden..." Reno flashed a devilish grin and looked at me from the corner of his eye.

They all laughed as I stormed over to Reno and took the key from him "Well... thats nice to know..." I growled as I pocketed the key.

"What am I doin just standin' here? I should call Rude..." Mia said as she bustled into the backroom, "He'll surely want to see ya."

After Mia disappeared into the backroom Reno finally dared to ask, "How far along is she?"

"Almost 7 months." Miguel said, "But she doesn't want to know if its gona be a boy or a girl."

"What do you think its gona be Miguel?" I asked.

"I say its gona be a boy, but then again its just me." Miguel said innocently, "Anyway... I gota get back, See you guys at break." With that Miguel stalked into the backroom.

I leaned on the bar in front of Reno, and looked at him. He looked at me and smiled back.

"So..." I began, "What'll it be?"

~Later on~

"Now now Mia, take it easy..." Rude warned as he took away the drink she was about to down, "Think of the baby..."

"They baby.. oh yeah i forgot..." she replied sheepishly as she rubbed her stomach. Rude and her smiled at eachother and kissed once.

"You see," Miguel began, "Thats love right there."

I laughed as I sat on the bar by Reno, "I have to agree, by the way, when is the wedding?"

"We've been married now for a while." Mia laughed and held up her left hand, showing off her ring. She smiled at Rude who did the same.

"What?" I spluttered, "And you didnt invite me? Aw Im hurt..."

"Don't feel bad, I wasn't invited either." Reno cut in, I smiled at him.

"True, but you Mister..." I said and poked him in the chest, "Had a reasonable excuse not to be there... noone knew where you lived!" Reno smiled innocently.

"We wanted it to be private..." Rude said.

"When was it? I at least wana know." I continued

"Two weeks ago."

"Aw man..." I sighed, "Oh well... I guess I owe you guys a present or two."

"Yeah same here." Reno added.

The doors to the bar opened, and who ever it was paused. "Hey Mia, why is the bar closed so early I mean you arent having a party or- R-Reno?"

Reno laughed and nudged me in the side, "Great, another one..." he said quietly then stood up. "Yeah?"

"Im dreamin... please tell me Im dreamin..." Kim continued as she walked up. I walked over to her and pinched her arm. Kim responded by swatting me away, cursing softly under her breath. The realization hit her and she flung her arms around Reno, happy to see him again. "We've Missed You So Much! Im so happy to see you!" she squealed.

Reno laughed nervously and pushed her away, "Well its good to know you're happy to see me and all but- you know... some personal space would be nice..."

Everyone in the room laughed, including Kim, who also blushed. Reno sat back down and sighed as he looked up at me. He smiled and winked at me and I did the same back to him.

It was looking to be a good night.

Chapter 89: Hopeless Romantic


"Ok everyone, drinks are on the house!" Mia said and A loud cheer erupted from everyone.

I looked around the crowded bar. Mia wanted to throw a little "Welcome Back" party for Reno so thats what she did. Everyone that was here was either a friend or friends of a friend. I groaned and exchanged glances with Kim, this meant more work for us. After a few miutes of filling drinks, I eyed Reno across the room, who was chatting with Vincent. Reno caught my gaze and motioned for me to come over. I looked back guiltily at Kim who was working her butt off serving drinks as I walked over.

"Ah, Elena..." Vincent greeted, "Long time no talk..."

"Hello Vincent." I replied and nodded, I turned my gaze to Reno, "What do you want?" I asked him

"You getting a break anytime soon?" Reno asked, I glanced at the clock on the wall.

"In ten, why?"

"Just curious..." Reno said with a smile.

"Oh ok..." i said.

"Oi, Elena!!!" I heard an angry voice from behind me call, "A little help here! PLEASE??!!??"

I winced and looked back, "Coming Kim!" I looked from Reno to Vincent and nodded. Then ran over to the bar to help out.

~Two Hours Later~

The night went by fast, and since it was a bar the same drinking times applied. So at promptly 1:30am we had last call. But by then, over half of the people had left and the roar of the party had died down.

"So, what exactly have you been doing since you've been gone?" Tseng asked. I was shocked that he actually decided to come to our little get together. But I guess just because he's a prince doesn't mean he can't have fun every now and again.

"Getting my life in order," Reno replied simply.

"In what way though?" Asked my brother from the opposite end of the bar. Rufus caught my gaze and smiled, I returned it with a smile and a nod of my own.

"Well lets see, one: a new, good-paying job, two: a brand new car, and three: a small house... and other things here and there." Reno said, counting each of the numbers out on his fingers.

"Let me add in something right here though," I cut in, "He says his house is small right? Its a damn 5 bedroom house! Thats huge compared to my apartment!"

"I could of gotten a bigger home..." Reno shot back defensivly.

"Why do you even need so much space?" Kim asked.

"Psh, I don't know...." Reno replied sheepishly and sighed.

"Well I know," Rufus began, "The bigger the house the stronger you feel right?"

"Yeah I guess you can put it that way."

"Trust me I know... You're talking to a man who lives in a 12 bedroom house, with only a butler, a maid, and a black panther for company."

Everyone in the room laughed.

"So, what are some of your future plans Reno?" Tseng asked.

"Yeah, even I'm curious about that one..." I said. Mia, Rude, Miguel, Kim, and Vincent all nodded in agreement.

Reno laughed, "Eh well... I have a few..."

"Like...?" I interjected and leaned in closer to him.

"Like possibly getting married someday... having a couple of kids and settling down." Reno said.

"No offense, but that sounds strange coming from you, Reno..." Rufus said after a few seconds of awkward scilence passed. Rude and Tseng nodded in agreement.

"Well thats great Reno, I hope you come through on that." I said with a smile.

"Yeah I say the same here." Kim said and nodded.

"Yep, here too." Mia said.

Reno smiled, "Thanks."

Mia looked up at the clock, "Ok now everyone out before I have the cops in here bustin my ass for havin you in here late..."

I sighed and took off my apron and hung it up on the wall. "I'll stay behind and help clean up Mia." I said

"No its ok, you go home, we'll clean up tomorrow." Mia said, "Im beat and ready to go home."

It took several minutes before everyone got outside. Everyone paused to say their goodbyes and such before going their seperate ways.

"So..." I began as I walked up to Reno, "You just gona go home or what?"

"Yeah, I'll take you home first if you want." Reno sugested.

"No that isnt necessary, home is only two blocks away. I can walk." I said.

"You sure?" Reno asked as he looked at me.

"I'm sure." I paused then added sternly, "You better come visit..."

"Rest assured I will..." Reno replied with a smile.

"See you around?" I asked as he looked toward his car.

"Definetly..." Reno started to take a step but hesitated for a moment then turned toward me again. He kissed me soundly on the lips, and I found myself kissing him back, my arms wrapped around his neck. I felt his hand gently resting on the lower of my back and his other hand in my hair. It was amazing... until-

"Aw, check it out... Reno and Elena..." I heard Miguel's teasing voice cut in, he wolf-whistled.

I broke the kiss, "Oh can it Miguel..." I growled. I glanced over at everyone who were looking in our direction.

Tseng was glaring at Reno and I enviously. I felt bad for the guy for a bit. I felt my cheeks grow hot and I looked away. "I think its best you go now Reno..." I said softly.

"Just one more kiss..." Reno whispered softly as he lifted my chin up to look into my eyes.

"Let me guess... because of Tseng?"


"Ok I can deal with that..." I said as we kissed again. It seemed like minutes, but the kiss probably only lasted a few seconds. I didn't care.

"Until we meet again love..." Reno whispered when he pulled back. He nodded to me and jumped into his car. I waved and he waved back. With that he pulled out of the parking lot... I sighed and shook my head slowly as I watched him drive off. Reno was such a hopeless romantic...

I felt someone nudge me in the side, "You make any plans with him yet? Hm???" Rufus asked with a suggestive tone in his voice.

"Oh shut up Rufus..." I growled as I turned back to the bar. Rufus merely laughed,

"Im just kiddin with ya."

"And since when did you start with the 'just kidding' stuff?" I asked, "Its not like you to do that..."

"Whatever, but hey, Did you see how Tseng looked at you two?" he sighed, "Damn, he looked pissed..."

"I could care less how he looked, thank-you-very-much.."

"Oi Elena!" Said a voice from behind me,

"What Miguel?" I asked as I turned toward him.

"I'm sorry for doin that... I just couldn't resist... I mean you two were several yards away in the darker part of the parking lot kissin and all... I just had to.." Miguel said, "Im sorry."

"Its no problem..." I said, and stretched, "I gota get home, I'll see you guys tomorrow."

"Bye Elena." Rufus said, "Dont forget to come visit. For Kioko's sake of course!"

"Later Elena," Mia said and waved, Rude did the same.

"See ya!" Kims voice chimed up, Vincent merely stood by her and nodded.

"Adios Mami..." I heard Miguel's voice call just as I rounded the corner of my street.

Chapter 90: Right Day... Wrong Party...


~Six weeks passed by since Reno came back. The happy thing was, this time Reno kept in touch. He visited at least once a week, and everynight he and I would talk on the phone for a while. If he couldnt call, he would send an email, one which he would write during his break at work. He was talking to everyone else too as far as I knew. I was counting down the days until Mia would have her baby... she was due 2 weeks from now. And being her best friend, she wanted me to be the hostess of her Baby Shower. I accepted the offer happily... Sadly... I had to plan it on a day that I thought I would get off this year... but then again... it was just another day...~

"Hey Miguel, pass me the staple gun will ya?" I asked and held out my hand. Miguel obiediently placed the staple gun in my hand, and I went back to hanging up the streamers. Miguel returned to his job of steadying the ladder.

"I wonder if its going to be a boy or a girl..." I said softly as I jumped down from the ladder, "I can't believe Mia waited until her Baby Shower to reveal it to us, I hope she isnt mad that the theme is yellow and white..."

"Im here!" Kim said as she walked in with several huge bags in her hands, "Wow! You've really done a lot here!" She finished as she placed the bags down on the table. She pushed a few stray strands of her blonde hair out of her face and examined the work.

"Yeah, it sure was nice of Rufus to let us use his place for the party eh?" Miguel said as he bustled over and went through the bags. He pulled out some more streamers and walked over to me. I pointed to the other side of the room and he went over there. Heston, the butler, took the ladder over to the side of the room with Miguel.

Yep, I somehow had convinced Rufus to let us use his place for the party. I mean the guy DID have a ballroom in his house... the only thing we had to do was move the couches off to the side and presto! Perfect party spot. And it was free.

"So... what do YOU think its gona be Elena?" Kim asked as she walked over and helped me with measuring the length of the wall.

"What do I think? I think its going to be a girl..."

"No Mami! I bet you its gona be a boy!" Miguel taunted.

"28 feet 10 inches..." I said quietly and scribbled on my notepad, "Whatever Miguel!" I called afterward.

Kim and I went to work measuring the length of the streamers while Miguel and Heston began organizing the furniture. After we had finished decorating and setting up it was time for the final adjustments.

"Ok Kim, move that table forward about a foot... Heston, make sure that theres a walkway between all the tables would you?... Miguel, quit playing with the streamers! What are you? 5? Ugh... OK ok.... everything looks good..."

"Very good indeed..." A voice said from the doorway.

"Oi! Please tell me you have the cake..." I begged as I walked up to Reno.

"No I dont... of course I have the cake, you asked me to get it..." he laughed, "Its in the car." He pointed his thumb out toward the car.

"I'll go get it!" Kim said and headed out. "Miguel you comin?"

"Yeah lemme give you a hand with that..." Miguel said as he walked out, "Heston... you comin or not?"

"Uh.. oh yes, yes of course.. at once..." Heston stammered and followed.

I laughed, "Some desperate attempt at trying to get us alone..." I thought out loud as I turned to examine the room again. I didn't flinch when Reno came up behind me and gave me a hug, i somehow expected it.

"By the way, Happy Birthday..." Reno purred into my ear.

I gasped, pushed him away and turned toward him. I glanced around the room to make sure no one was listening in, "No Reno please... they can't know its my birthday.. I beg you don't tell... Do you have any idea how much trouble I'd get into if they found out?"

"Relax babe, its ok, I won't tell..." Reno said and smiled. I smiled back at him

"I appreciate it that you remembered though."

"How could I forget? And by the way, I got you something... but lets wait 'til later, here comes company..." Reno finished with a wink. Just then, Kim, Heston, and Miguel all came in holding a large box.

"If you'd excuse me..." I whispered to Reno. "OK people, put it on the back table over there..."

~2 hours later~

"Ok everyone, its 5 minutes until the party starts, are we all ready?" I asked as I walked back into the ballroom. It looked pretty good for an ametuers work that is. There was yellow and white balloons, yellow and white table cloths, yellow and white streamers, yellow and white cups, yellow and white... everything. I sighed but reasoned with myself... at least it was better than green.

"Elena! Oh Elena!" Mia yelled from across the room, "The place looks great! I love it!"

"Aw thanks Mia." I said with a smile, "So are we done?"

"We're doing the check right now..." Kim said as she looked over some papers on a clipboard, "Check and check! Ok we're good to go."

"OK then, Heston, Miguel, open the doors... let the party begin."

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