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Monday, April 14, 2008

wow...i seriously need to come by here more often! december 2007...so long ago...i think i just forgot about this site until today. whoops!! ^_^'
well i'm back (at least for the moment)!
i guess i have some things to update on for once. :) went to disney (florida) for spring break (with the band). had a great time even though we got rained out most of the time, it was still a lot of fun. :) got to march through Magic Kingdom (in a really bad thunderstorm which included torrential downpouring rain!!). but it was definately a lot of fun :)
(i guess this is gonna be a spring break update as it would be too long to update on everything since december)
Also, found out that i had ruptured both my eardrums, and might possibly need surgery to fix them. but i don't find that out until thursday...>_< that'll be interesting...
and right now, i have to go do my AP Calc review and eat dinner (but not at the same time lol).
[EDIT: my ears are fine now. i went to the doctors again and they said they healed!! YAY!! :) ]

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