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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Check Out My Other Site

Date: June 24
Mood: Chill
Music: I Love RocknRoll by Joan Jett

My Post:

Hi everyone!

Sorry I haven't commented or posted or anything.
I've been super busy on my other website.

So I have decided to tell you guys about it so that if you want you can chat with me know there or whatever.

=) So the place is called Mibba click HERE, to go to my page there.

You have to be a memeber in order to comment, message, and put up your writing. Now it's just meant for writing and nothing else.

However it is really fun and the people are so awesome.

You can also go to my world, The Voice Within to see banners for my story and a little bit of info about Mibba.

Anyways I really hope you guys sign up there, cause I hardly come on here, but I am always on there.

Give it a chance you might really like it.

Bye Sweetums, once again I'm sorry I haven't been around.


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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Family Visits, Video Game, Wallies, and Zombies

Date: June 14
Mood: Tired and Hot!
Music: Blurry by Puddle of Mudd

My Post:

So my family came by this weekend for the usual family visit they have every summer.

It was fun, we played Mario Cart, watched movies, played all sorts of card games. Has anyone heard of the card game called SPOONS?

That game is so dumb, but it'll keep you entertained for hours! I mean seriously, so dumb, but interesting to play and watch.

I got the video game Star Ocean: The Last Hope, it has several disks! I was like holy crap I'm never gonna beat it. I mean I started yesterday and I just beat the first level and I am trying to figure out the second...haha.

So because of my new interest in Star Ocean, I made a wallpaper for it today...

I chose the character Arumat cause I think he is friggin awesome and a total bad ass. =)

So go comment on that please and thank you, and I'd love to see some favorites and hugs. If you like it that is.

And finally my Zombie book, it's pretty interesting I like it. I mean it's got a bit of humor, romance, suspense, so it's good.

Well I don't want to bore you.

I'll try to get around commenting.


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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Barnes & Noble, More Manuscript, and Wallies plus Ecards!

Date: June 9
Mood: So, so...
Music: Without You by Hinder

My Post:

I got no comment on my last post, not one...I was kinda bummed out about that. I still am, but whatever.

Anyways, new theme, since no one said anything in the last post I'll ask in this one...does everyone like it?

So I went to B&N yesterday with my friend and her little brother. It was fun, she was following her brother around the store begging him to lend her money to buy a book and he was like, "No, go away." Every time she asked, that carried on for like an hour, lol.

I got a book it's called, Zombie Queen of Newbury High, it's interesting so far, I like it.

=) Ummm...also since i got no comments about this either, last post I mentioned how I wrote a story and now I'm redoing it as a manuscript...I was just sharing that info for anyone curious about it.

Oh and I got up new wallies and ecards, well they've been up for a day or two, well except the ones I got up today...haha... here have a look...

This one is called Love Story, I saw the picture and was like, ooh that would be nice...so yeah...

This one is my contest entry for the Who's Your Favorite Character contest, it's been up for three days I believe...

This is my ecard I put up today.

I put this one up last night!

Okay that's all the recent ones.
Anyways, I hope I get some comments this time.

Bye Sweetums! Have a lovely day!


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Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Theme, Manuscript, and Mario Cart!

Date: June 7
Mood: Carefree
Music: Falling by Nsync

My Post:

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? Do anything exciting?

Well, I had a decent weekend. I watched a bunch of moives at my house while stuffing my face with Teddy Grahms...lol, so much for being on a diet. ^^'

Hmmm...I also went to Target to get some make-up, heat-protectant for my hair, because my hair is dying from all the curling and flattening I do, I had to cut off two inches cause of the damaged ends, I was so sad! I want it to grow out!!!

Anyways, I also got a new book called Evermore, I've only read the first five pages it seems interesting enough. I just finished reading Jessica's Guide to Dating the Dark Side, that book is purely amazing I suggest it to anyone who like cute romantic vampire stories, it's amazing!

Let's see, I went to my friends house. We played Mario Cart on the Wii with her dad and little brother...holy crap it got violent yelling at each other, pushing each other, blocking the view of the TV, haha it was great! I had a really good time, Mario Cart on the Wii is flipping amazing!

Yesterday was just Friggin Hilarious!!!

Okay onto something more interesting...so if you haven't noticed by now, there is a new theme on here. Code Geass is like an obsession of mine, Lulu is amazing, even though he's a darker person I love, it because his intentions are good...slightly selfish, but good!

Also the song is Crazier by Taylor Swift, it's just an amazing song and it's so cute to me. So I hope you guys like it too, she's one of my favorite country singers, although she's more poppish to me, lol.

Now onto my manuscript. I wrote a story about two months ago and everyone who has read it has fallen in love with it. So I'm fixing it up into a manuscript format, I'm editing and revising and rewriting everything, but it will still have the same basic concept.

But anyways, I think it's a decent story, but I'd love feed back on it from everyone, however I'm only giving people the chance to read the first draft of it an not the manuscript, because that is for an editors eyes only, haha.

So I really want to try and get it published, but I'm unsure of whether or not people would be interested, so if you'd like let me know if you'd like to give the first couple of chapters a read, huh.

Anyways, I know this is long and I don't want to drag on any further.

Oh and I got up some ecards if you haven't seen them, I put them up about two days ago, but yeah I'd love some comments and hugs.

Okay, enough chatting.

Later sweetums!


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Thursday, June 4, 2009

School's Done! Hanging With Friends, Fighting with others...

Date: June 4
Mood: eh...
Music: Famous in a Small Town by Miranda Lambert

My Post:

So school is finally over and then I will be a senior! I'm so excited! Haha, it's gonna be great, but I'm going to miss my senior friends of this year. It bums me out just thinking about next year without them...

So anyways, today was chaotic, but fun. Almost hit a bus, almost had a bus hit me...yeah that...let's not get into that haha.

Ummm...me and my friend are in an arguement, but if you knew where I was coming from you'd understand why I am as mad as I am.

I don't know about you, but when a friend who doesn't talk to you for a week unless you are with another group of people or as long as it's not just you and them...and then out of the blue ask you to come to a BBQ...it's odd.

She invited me and I asked her why is she all of the sudden inviting me, and that we never talk to each other outside of school and even then we don't talk unless we have too...and that I feel like she feels obligaited to talk and invite me to this thing...

Then she was like, "Well I'm sorry you feel that way, but you know I'm not like that and I am your friend and I would like it if you came, but if you don't want to then don't come. Your choice."

To me that's just like a slap in the face. I do not like people who say "I'm sorry you feel that way" unless it's like your boss at work then fine, but when its a friend it's kinda harsh. It's like them saying "I'm sorry, I don't want to deal with this, but I guess I have to." What a lame apology!

And saying "if you don't wanna come then don't." I was like okay what the heck man, if you're my friend then why didn't you just leave it at "I really would like it if you came." At least then it would seem like you don't feel obligaited to invite me.

I don't know, maybe you think I'm overreacting...however to me the way she explained things really made it seem like she could careless, so I just didn't go and hung out with some others who didn't go either.

However my other friends who went said, "I was being dumb and should just get over it and go."

I don't think it's fair to me though, oh well it passed so might as well live with it, besides I had fun with the other people.

Sorry for the long post and rant, I just have to get it out of my system.

Love ya!


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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

School is almost over, New Wallies, strange nose bleeds...

Date: May 27
Mood: Cool
Music: Can't Help Falling In Love by A*teens

My Post:

Hey everyone, thanks for the lovely comments! Haha, it was good to see I had four of them. ^.^

Anyways, so we got our district test scores and I past all four core classes and I got commended in two of them, I was super happy!

Oh and I got a 103 on my last math test of the year, that was a major feat for me because I suck at math so bad!!!

Haha, okay what else, oh yes I have put up several new wallies! I'm excited go check them out please! Did you guys also see my Chrono Crusade ecard? Well that poem I wrote it in my friends end of the year letter thing she's doing and it made her cry! I was like, really I knew you were a pushover, but thanks! Haha, I was excited.

Oh and last night, well more like 5:00am this morning I got a seriously bad nose bleed! I don't even know how!

I was like what the heck and it was all over the place, I got blood on my new pillow cases! I was so pissed! It finally stopped bleeding after ten minutes of pressure and several tissues. It was weird it just like happened all of the suddden, I dunno what brought it on, but I'm okay so yeah.

Anyways, I'll let you guys go now.

Have a lovely day or night or whatever, haha!



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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hi! Got Some Wallpapers Up!

Date: May 24
Mood: Hungry!
Music: White Horse by Taylor Swift

My Post:

Hey everyone, I can't believe I'm updating again, haha.

Well anyways I just wanted to say I got some wallpapers up, so check them out please and thank you!

Also Angel Zakuro, good to hear from you again. I promise if I can I will most definately comment on you sometime.

Well other than that I don't have much to say other than everyone have a lovely Memorial Day!

Don't forget my wallpapers oh and I also submitted an ecard, I'm going to see if one of my fictions can get put up too, so keep a look out.



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Friday, May 22, 2009

I've got so MUCH to catch up on!

Date: May 22
Mood: Satisfied!
Music: Everything I Can't Have by Robin Thicke

My Post:

I have to start coming back on here and theO.

Man this song makes me want to dance, lol.
Okay back on track I'm sorry, so, so, so very, very sorry for not ever coming on here to check on everyone, I feel bad about that.

So much has happened since I was last on here, I can't believe it. I've missed this place!

I promise to stop by and say hi every now and then, I owe it to you guys, I grew up on this site and you guys are my friends, so yeah!

Anyways, check out theO on my page for more updates, since everyone goes there more.

Lot's of love you guys!
Don't forget to remember me!


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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Long time no post...

Date: November 22
Mood: chill
Music: White Horse by Taylor Swift

My Post:

Okay I haven't been on in a while and for very good reason, I'm having the worst month ever, you have no idea how bad it's going for me...

So I broke my cell phone, broke my finger (very painful), I'm failing several classes at the moment, I was rear-ended by a damn box on wheels (Hummer, H3), my mom left, and I'm just stressing cause it's all going on at once...and the sad part, it's Thanksgiving week...oh boy...

The best thing that has happened is I finished a book, I got Taylor Swift's new album (which is plain amazing, if you're a fan and haven't gotten it, get it!), umm...and I was able to hang out with some good friends yesterday.

Other than that I'm so gah! I mean home doesn't even feel like home, and I'm just fed up with eveyrthing going on and I want to just leave for a few days like be out of all of this.

So maybe this break will be good for me, I have the whole week off, so that's a good thing.

So yeah my finger is broken and let me tell yeah it was super painful, but after a while it stopped hurting, unless something would bump into it. Yeah my nail was ripped right off and blood was everywhere and, well you get the idea...not fun!

I dropped my cell phone in water and it just broke down on me, so that's that.

As for my truck, some person rammed into me and slammed me into the truck in front of me, oh man it was awful my truck is like all jacked-up, but it's okay we're taking it into the shop tuesday and it happened on tuesday this week, a week later we finally take care of it...geez...so yeah.

Uh right now my finger hurts and I am supposedly going to the movies with a friend today, not sure yet cause she hasn't given me an answer, but we'll see.

Anyways I'll quit ranting and I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Week!

Anger is never without a reason, but seldom with a good one.
-Benjamin Franklin

Bye guys!

♥ Effie ♥

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Theme Change!

Date: November 11
Mood: Eh...
Music: Invisble by Taylor Swift

My Post:

SO yeah haven't commented anyone in a while, I'm sorry I've had so many projects for school, it's crazy also been trying to find something good for my theme.

Speaking of which does everyone like the new theme? Yes, no? Whatever...yeah okay...

So listening to Taylor Swift, I love her stuff, she has many very good songs, I plan on getting her new album tomorrow, excitement!

Uh, what else...oh oh! I have to write a letter of protest for my english class...don't know what I want to write about, but yeah, if you have any ideas let me know, cause it's due on Thursday and I still have nothing.

Um...someone asked me what movie we went to go see it was 'House'...I'm telling you read the book it is ten times better!

Ummm...nothing much else going on it my life, but I plan on getting a hair cut, should I do something drastic or not...uh here's the most recent picture I have of me...it's one from my photo shoot back in the summer...


Yeah that's the picture, I wanna change my hair...so should I just like trim or do something drastic, if you have specific ideas that would be awesome!

Well I don't have much more to say other than have a great day/week cause I ain't sure exactly as to when I'll be on again.

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Later guys!

♥ Effie ♥

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