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Sunday, January 27, 2008

my dad left to alaska on friday cuz his job n the army has him stationed there. i miss him sooooo much now and i wish he was back home. my mom is being a bit dumb and stuff and she couldnt have been more happier. ~sigh~ then again its hard to read what she really is feeling so i go no opinion on that. anyways, i got two damn projects for skool that i gotta do today and its hard cuz im in orlando without any of my homework with me. damn im dumb......... then again i got a good report card recently with all A's and one B........anyways maybe i may put up my quinces pictures online or somethin. oh!! watched cloverfield,fist sunday, and 27 dresses!!! they wee all the best!!! heheh um.....i might as well make breakfast before i leave cuz i got nothin else to do....maybe ill doodle too...see ya!

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

im bak yay but im not happy. i had a wonderful Quince Aņera and a wonderful holiday at Puerto rico, but when i came bak home to Fl..... alot of thngs went wrong.... my parents had this major fight on sunday night that i was screaming and cryin and all that stuff. they threw stuff and all other sorts of things that happened........everythin is calm now for its been days ago but....my parents are gonna be legally seperated.....well my papi still has to go bak to alaska anyways for his job in the army but i dont want my parents to be seperated.... idk...they might even get a divorce...i was soooo stressed out about this cuz they were together for 18 years now and this happens....~sigh~ but im calm at the moment...i just dont want any fighting. well see ya.....

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

hey everyone, sorry i didnt get to visit anybody or do anything but yeah for those who care im goin to puerto rico for winter and wont be bak for a while. im having a quince anera even tho i've been 15 for quite a while, anyways im gonna be hanging with some friends and stuff and since my family isnt so big on oney i only kno one person who owns a laptop but i doubt ill be able to use it alot so dont get your hopes up.g2g aight.
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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

omg omg omg omg!!
my friend's ,who was not doing too well, brother told me that my friend is gonna have a chance to live!! im am sooo happy and i have alot of hope,but he has to go through open heart surgery.......~sigh~ but i still have faith in my buddy and i hope things will be ok. im just so happy that he wont be leaving. *tears of joy*

sorry for not visiting anybody,the comment box wont work in my computer for some odd reason ill try to see ya sites tho later ok.


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Monday, November 26, 2007

im crying rite now
im feel so much saddness cuz i found out one of my friends is gonna die soon.....why did it have to be him?....~sobs~ he was run over by a car a year ago and was recovering from it until now that the doctor says that his organs arent workin......... why?! and i cant see him cuz he is in some other state that im not at.......*cries* im now having major trouble focusing.......~sobs alone in a corner~

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Monday, November 12, 2007

hey everyone, im bak on the myo heheh sorry for being out alot and stuff.....heck i havent posted in like forever.at times its cuz ppl arent on at all and the fact that if i post somethin up no one will read it.the only reason i go is to chat with some friends that really mean somethin to me. but yea,lately i've been caught up with skool stuff and idk if i should continue my story......actually i really really want to soooo bad but everytime i ty to work on it i always get distracted and stuff......oh well anyways......yeah so wat up ppl......im bored as hell,but talkin to my bf heheh and that is also a reason to why i've been busy and stuff. oh well its none of your concerns. tho i've been tired alot,skool is kickin my arse and stuff....my teachers are on my nerves and i have plans to fulfill with my friends and crap.ill see ya later tho,sorry to waste your time with such a boring post you suckas.
ps- i luv my sissy boo ~beffy~ and luvs ya big bro ~jacobo~

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

   hola y feliz cumple aņos to me!!
lmao im finally 15 today woooooooooot!!!!! lol i had a fun time last night at my party in my friends house. lol we ate,danced and did alot of other crap we girls do lmao. well actually we had one of my guy friends come but late at night,he was here from 9:30pm to 12am lol we gossiped the whole night and watched random videos lol. my boyfriend called me soooooo many times telling happy birthday and how he wuz sorry that he couldnt come cuz he had to pick up his dad from some where and his dad got bak from new york so i told to spend the day with him. ^^ lol he is soooo sweet lmao. anyways i gots loads of homework now grrr but ill do that later!!!!! heheh i got a call from my dad in iraq and he wished me happy birthday,i cried so much cuz i cant wait til he comes bak in december.well anyways g2g!!!
~adios bebes~

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Friday, October 5, 2007

lmao hey everyone. wassup!! 2 more days till my birthday :DDDDD lol omg today wuz soooooo rainy and stuff omg we had a pep rallyin my skool and it wuz sweeeeet heheh, i hung out w/ my friends and stuff so we had loads of fun. oh and i should say that my friend edwanny asked me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahahah i totally sed yes, he is sooo sweet and he is fun to hang with so of course lol. he asked me out when we were goin to the bus port and it wuz pouring down on us.it was sooooooooo sweet!!! *dances in dream world* lmao we were soakin wet and he kissed me before i got on the bus. my cuzin nishia was like OMFG when she saw us.lmao other than that ill be partying tomorrow so ill visit ya'll later!!

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

wassup everyone.again like always im sorry for not posting and such.i wuz busy as you all may think and ill be busy still for the remainder of the week and weekend.this weekend is special to me though because on sunday its my BIRTHDAY so im excited to finally turn 15 like all the other sophmores,cuz im the baby of my classes.but im a cool sophmore lol :p well anyways, im gonna have a party hopefully cuz my cuzin and my friends are planning it all out for me so i have no freakin idea whats goin on but i hope its a'ight. :D and well everything else has been okay.skool is makin me bored but its best for me for i can see my buds.which reminds me,my so-called friend jacob,the arabian, grabs my butt a couple times in skool and its sooooo......AAAARGH!!! im just yelling and hitting him wondering what the hell did he do that for!? stupid ass is being a jerk lately.plus it been raining the whole two weeks so i have been a bit out of it lately.......well anyways sorry for being a neglection to you guys and not even posting up my chapters or anything. not like you care but hey this at least gives ya my explanation.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

im sorry
im sorry for not being on much and not being able t visit anyone AGAIN!!! ~sigh~ i am really getting caught upin my skool life and stuff so thats why i've been busy.and i got other things to do and stuff.but i always come on to chat but noone but a couple or so ppl only pm me.ah well.if it doesnt hurt you guys plz check out an artwork i put up yesterday.it shouldnt kill ya to look at and vote or comment.
anyways,well in skool,i was hangin with one of my good friends,luicianno,and he introduced to me a fine boy that is his friend.he is real cute and very nice,his name is edwany i think thats how you spell it. lol and its odd cuz since my name is edmari,when lucianno says hey Ed me and the other guy always answer and stuff.lol the other we were discussing about chupacabras and learning french class.oh and the good thing about edwany is that he is latino like me lol so we get to chat in spanish. heheh and i must say both him and luc always flirt with meh.lmao.both of them are sweet and stuff.heheh i wonder what else will happen this year with all these cute guys around lmao!!! XD
oh and im goin to the PUERTO RICAN DAY parade tomorrow so im sorry i have to try to reschedule my next chapter.but if i have time ill try to put it up.

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