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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hey peaple i finally completed my newest work
its basically how you feel but i made it into something a little more diffrent
So here it is hope u like it if not screw you!

Expierience the adrenaline inside you
your moving fast but the world see's you
as a blur
show off the power deep inside your viens
the adrenaline is rising inside you but your not ready for this power
pumping yourself up with this ancient power
It's Eternity It's Forever
sorry if it's a bit sloppy ^_^

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Monday, May 22, 2006

Tide Calling
when do heads collide
is it when tides rise
is it because fear is rising in you
cuz u do not want to be drowned by the
rush of the sea
why would you let yourself be
mesmerized by the call of the sea
its not calling u. Only deciving you so
it can suck away the verey thing u prize
most.......... LIFE!

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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

   Hello Again
Hey peaples,
having a good day or night,hope so.
this past week has been very tiering
i have been so busy i forgot to update so im
very sorry.i have started smoking once again
cuz im under so much stress.y cant i be like
all the other boys and girls an be normal!?y!?
while im thinking of the answer i think ill
ponder on the good in life.lke the great game
final fantsy IIV. THAT IS ONE OF MY FAVS.
well ill try to update frequently.Untill
then ill find an answer to my question.
"Let the guardians be with you"

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