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Saturday, August 26, 2006

WARNING: This post is not for the faint of heart.
Okay, let's get the happy stuff out of the way first. I promised to tell you all about my "hot date" so here i go. So, after asking the guy if he wanted to see a movie with me, he said his youth group was going to a local sports complext that weekend, and said i could come along. Okay, I thought, it's always nice to have a first day be a group one. So i arrive at the sports complex at the time he said, and I wait.....and wait....and wait... I was about to just give up and leave when i finally saw him pull in to the parking lot. Apparently he just got of work, and was only dressed in an undershirt-ish t-shirt, and the work pants. So we went in and met his group of friends. Let me say in one word....ackward....The group of friends had been there for 2 hours already, and where ready to leave. We convinved them to do the go-karts, so while in line for the go-karts we chatted a little. Nothing too big or spacticalar. After that, we decided to get something to eat. Problem? The group pretty much split up because one girl didn't like how one guy who really wasn't invited was hitting on her, so it ended up being me, the guy, the guy's brother, and the brother's friend at the eating place. Sounds good right? Guess again. Apparently this place is where their dad works, and so the brother proceded to hit on the waitresses. When asked her age, my guy replied, "Oh she's closer to me." Yeah...so we had ice cream and that was it. Pretty interesting wouldn't you say? I had fun, but yeah you could think of it as a one night fling.

So, I was going to continue to write about my hospital experience this week, but since it's storming and the light keeps flickering, I better end it at that. I hope everyone enjoyed my story. Haha, laugh if you want to, I definately won't be affend. Hell, I'll even laugh with you.

I Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend! *huggles* Take care!!!!

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