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Saturday, February 4, 2006

*hugs everyone and passes out cookies*
Hey everyone! Long long time no see! Sorry I've been away for so long, I've been incredibly busy ever since school started up again. This semester proves to involve more studying time then i forsaw....darn. Well, I'll try to recap everything that's been going on, and then I have a question for everyone that you can either answer or ignore.

Okay, first off, School is going well so far. I've Aced my first 2 physics test, got a 100 on my first checkoff, but got a 88 on my first positioning test, which really isn't all that bad, but is a low B on our scale. I've started Clinicals, and it isn't all that bad, yet. We only go once a week (my day is friday) but in two more semesters we go 4 days a week! It's a shift of 7:30-3. but i have to like wake up at 6 to get ready and drive all the way there. Also, I'm taking an organ class this semester, but that's more fun then anything else. So far, the semester has been good, and it's already mid-term time for the faith and society class. yay! Time sure goes by fast.

I have currently gotten myself addicted to Star Ocean 3. I seriously can NOT stop playing this game. It's really good! Hehe, my msn thingy right now says, "Is it wrong I'd rather play Star Ocean then study?" which is really, haha, what i've been doing lately. Playing and not studying. But hey, I'm about 1/4 way into the game! (it's an 80 + hour game, and I'm sitting at 30 hours.) I came soo close to unlocking the bonus features, but my characters need to level up more before i can beat the boss. It's really annoying!

Okay, now, for my New Year's resolution, i decided that not only was I going to find myself a boyfriend, I also decided that I would spend more time going out with people and such. Which, I have thus far done. Most are people I work with. Like, for example, I went out with a few of them for Chris's, the Chinese Kitchen guy's, birthday, and it was fun. Now, Monday nights there is Cosmic bowling for $5 at a local bowling alley. Lately, me and two other guys, one my age, and the other older, i'd say like 30 or something have started to do this. Now, here's my REAL problem. I kinda thing the 30 year old guy likes me, but i can't tell for sure, and if he does, well, that's just wrong, becuase i don't like him like that, and that's just way to much older then me you know? Now, another group of my friends (people around my age) my friend Kim is trying to set me up with one of her guy friends, and I met him tonight, and he seems nice. I really like hanging out with this group, because they're a great bunch of people, and i just really have an enjoyable time doing things with them. Now, they'res times that both groups want to do something at the same time, and i end up choosing the second group, because frankly, I just feel more comfortable around them. Is that wrong? I feel like i'm kinda letting the other group down, but i don't want to be hit on by an older guy you know? Is there any way to really tell? Please give me your thoughts on this guys, I could really use the advice. esp, you boys out there! What would you do if you liked a girl? (hehe this will also help me with the younger guy i mentioned). Any thoughts would be greatly appricated!

Well, now that i've spoiled your good mood, I hope that you all have a wondefull weekend inspite of my personal deliema. Take care everyone! *hugs*

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