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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Hey everyone! I'm back, even if it is for only this short amount of time. Things have been going well for me this week, which is a change for the better. I recieved a 94% on my last Positioning test, which i was happy about. On another note however, i keep forgetting to center mid-sagitally on my checkoff, and patients, and well, let's just say that's not good. Other then that, this is my final week of World Civ 1, I have another reseach paper to write, due Thursday, a paper about Gladiator, and then the take home essay which will be due the 27, when i start World Civ 2. haha. kinda wierd eh?

Work has being going alright. I work 26 hours this next week, which will probably be hell. Today was also the last day for my friend to work there, so i'm sad to see her leave, but i'll still see her so it's really no big deal. Just more hours for me, which is a double-edged sword in it's own way.

Did you know your had has 27 bones in it? Yeah, good for you, hell for me to remember them all and all the special processes they have. But hey, as long as they all work, and you don't come bother me, it's all good.

Tonight at the hospital i did 3 procedures. It's very interesting getting used to all the equipment and interacting with all the patients. Such a wide variety of people there are.

Well, i need to write a bit on my research paper, and then head for bed. I work 8-12 tomarrow, then have a baptism around 1, and then hospital from 5-10. w00t. Take care everyone, and have a great week ahead.

Duo's song of the moment: "Listen to Your Heart" by: D. H. T.

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