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Friday, September 16, 2005

Warning: Contents will explode under pressure.
Well, i know it's been a long time since i've updated, but i've got to get something off my chest, but first, i shall update you on school! I only missed 6 on my Positioning Test, and i only missed 1 on my Lab Test, I have yet to recieve my grade for my Intro test, but i think i missed about 4 or so, maybe more. That test was harder then the Positioning test! I hope i did okay, but it's overwith now, and i'm not going to worry too much about it. I have to write a research paper on a religion that's not my own, so i choose Shinto, so if you know any valuable information, fess up! I could use all the resources i can get! Also, i have a mid-term in World Civ next week to study for, but i hope it won't be too bad. This weekend Katie is coming back in town, so we're going to hang out and stuff. It should prove to be fun!

Now, onto my rant. First off, i would like to inform everyone that there is a law in this country that says it is illegal to open up other people's mail. Now, getting that out of the way, why do parents not obey this rule? Why do they fell it is their need to not only see what you have in the mail, but open it before you even see it? This has happened to me a lot, and it's mostly my bank statements. What fucking business of it is thiers to see what I buy? I make my car payment and car insurance on time, I don't see why you feel the need to read my statement. Besides, it DON"T EVEN HAVE YOUR NAME ON IT! It clearly says my name and my name only, yet they open it anyways. Now today, I recieved a special gift from a special someone that I was really really looking forward to recieving. Unfortutely for me, the mail arrived late, and i had to go off to my night class before getting it. So i come home, expecting it to come since it had been the designated amount of time, and i see my beloved package, however, it is sitting next to very mad looking man. "What the hell is this?" The conversation starts off. I'm sure you can guess where it went from there, i don't need to explain it in detail. Anyways, I was forced to open said package infront of those two, and Even open up the letter inside! Though i wasn't going to let them read it, though i did have to show them how it was signed. HOW FRICKEN STUPID IS THAT?!?! I mean, its none of their damn business! I'm fricken 20 years old! It's none of their fricken business what i get in the mail, and i definately shouldn't have to defend myself to them. WHAT THE FUCK? Well, the converstation ended with, "This better not happen again." All i have to say is, Up yours. It's my mail, and i'll do what i want to it. Opps, i got another package, i guess i forgot to tell them they couldn't send me something. Or wait, i bet they just choose not to listen, because they don't care what the fuck you say. God, i wish i could move out, this is ridiculous. Well, at any rate i'm glad i got that off my chest, and for all you guys, send away, we'll show them!! They can't get ME down!

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