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Saturday, September 3, 2005

Well, i decided to do a mid-day update, since i won't be able to be on the computer when the time changes, heh, hopefully I'll be fast asleep by then. I have to work another wonderful 5am-2pm shift. *note the sarcasm* And then after that, i get to go to my grandma's house to celebrate my Uncle's birthday, which i'll probably go there, eat, and then collaspe on the couch. So much for visiting eh?

Well, my first week of this semester was very very busy. Man, i still think my body is trying to catch up on sleep it missed out on. Don't get me wrong, i like my classes, it's just...well, to put it bluntly....hard!! I think my night class is going to be bad, seeing as how it's 4 hours in a classroom, having to listen to the teacher lecture for half of it, and then watch a movie for the other half. Not only that, having to read a buttload of stuff out of the book, and other books we have to read. To prove my point, i have to read chapters 1-3, and another 80 page book by Thursday. *sighs* This on TOP of my radiology class, where i have to read it just to try to understand what's going on. I mean, i get it in class, but when i try to do my workbook later on it's like my brain can't comprehend what it's saying. I think once i get myself into a studying schedule it should be better. The first week is always the hardest.

Well, i better get back to my homework. If you missed our character profile from last time, please scroll down and read it. Have a great weekend all!

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