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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Okay, I decided to make a quick post to share my hilarious Christopher Chronicle for the day.

As we all know, i work in a bakery, so today I decided to make some cookies, since the tables where getting empty. So, when you bake something, the smell of whatever you bake travels throughout the store, and you can smell it from anywhere. So, Chris comes back from his break, and says, as he's walking by, "Something smells good back here." I reply, "Yeah, I just made some chocolate chip cookies." and then he says, "Oh, i was going to say it was you," and then gives a thumbs up sign and walks away.

ROFL!!! I mean, wow, not only does this guy hardly speak, but to say something like that! I seriously couldn't stop laughing to myself after we walked away for a good 5 mins. It sure brightened up the night, that's for sure.

Well, my first class went okay, i shall explain later though, cuz i need to get to bed for my classes tommarrow. I got a full day. One from 10am-12pm. and then the next from 1pm-3pm. I just hope i don't get another stomach cramp like i did today in the middle of class. That sucked. Anyways, have a great Tuesday all! *passes out freshly baked cookies*

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