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Friday, August 19, 2005

Don't mind the mess!
I'm in the middle of a theme change, you you'll have to mind the mess for a bit until i get this all figured out. I hope you guys like it so far though. I love this series, it's one of my favorites.

Well, i have come to the conclusion that I am evil, and apparently I make people cry? Okay, so i had this fun idea one day that I was going to rule the world by telling everyone "You owe me five dollars." which is in fact true of two people. So i went up and told one of my friends "Hey, (insert name here), you owe me five dollars." Of course he asked, "What for". I said that I charge a loan fee for stuff that people borrow from me, and since he was currently in the posstion of not only my Gundam Wing Box Set, but vols. 4-7 of my Planet Ladder manga, he owed me $5 for each, coming to the conclusion that he owed me $10. Now, i said i'd let it slide if he'd by the newest D. N. Angel for my b-day when it came out, which would be the last of the series. So he agreed, and i laughed for a good five mintues. Then i tell my friend about it, and well, she gets upset. Look, I'm sorry. It was just a joke. Not only was it hilarious, but i can't believe he actually thought i was serious. Wow...apparently i'm too believiable? Ah, so goes the old saying, it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. SO, to sum up, I'm sorry, okay? I'll tell him it was just a joke and he doesn't owe me anything.

Well, besides that, hehe I'm sorry SG. You know what for.

And fun news, my brother moved back home. Isn't that exciting? I just hope i can get used to him being here again. At least i'll have someone to play games with now. Yay for DDR!

Well, i best be off, i've got stuff to work on. Have a great day all!

P.S. Don't watch Fafner, it's a hell of a depressing series.

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