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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Twists of Fate: Chapter Two: Part Two
“Is she going to be ok?”
“Yes, yes…she’ll be fine.”
“Are you sure?”
“Oh, no! This is all my fault.”
“Yes, yes….she’ll be fine. Look she’s waking up.”
I slowly opened my eyes, the light was unusually bright. There was someone’s face right above mine. As my eyes got adjusted to the light I saw that the face belonged to Sarah. Her eyes were confused and scared.
“What….what happened?”
Again she looked at me with those scared eyes, afraid to talk.
I pushed myself off her legs, and stood up, rubbing my head as I did so, and looked around. Everyone was looking at me with fear in their eyes.
“Why are you guys looking at me like that?”
“You…you just fell down two flights of stairs.” Sarah explained quietly.
“So…” I shrugged as if falling down the stairs was a normal occurrence.
“Aren’t you hurt?”
“No, I feel just fine. Come on Sarah, stop looking at me like that.”
“Karen!” I heard Brian’s voice, and turned around to see him coming down the hall. He stopped right in front of me, and put his hands on my shoulders, “Are you ok?”
“Yeah, I just told these guys I’m fine.” I explained again for what seemed the thousandth time.
“Ms. Kensze, is she ok?” he asked as he looked past me to our school nurse, who was standing next to Sarah.
“Yes, yes…I think she’ll be ok, but let’s get her into my office and check her out.”
“Alright everyone, back to your classes,” came Mrs. Billblock’s voice above the whispers of the gathered students. “Mr. Miouga, we need to talk.” She said briskly to him. “I’ll see how she’s doing in a couple of minutes, Alice.”
“Yes, yes…that will be fine. You three,” Ms. Kensze said pointing to Brian, Sarah, and me. “Let’s go.”
Ms. Kensze led us down the hall, we where now on the main floor, and into her office.
“Take a seat, Ms. Kaoru.” She said as she opened the door to revel your standard nurses office. There was a bed on one side of the wall, a desk on the other next to a closet, and the other side contained chairs and various bottles containing different things. The other wall, windows, all material hangings off, and open, letting the cool breeze float in.
I sat down on the bed that was next to the wall. Brian and Sarah stood on the other side of the room.
Ms. Kensze began to examine me.
“Well, I see nothing wrong with you.” She said as she finished. “Do you know how you fell?”
“No,” I said as I sat there thinking. “I must have tripped.”
“Yes, yes…that would make sense. What were you doing in the halls anyway? You were supposed to be in your second hour class.”
“Oh…I was doing something for Mr. Miouga.”
“What an odd request,” she said partly to herself, partly to me. “…ok…you two,” she said pointing to Brian and Sarah. “You take care of her while I go get some ice. It will stop the swelling of that bruise.”
“Bruise…what bruise?” I asked. Then I looked down at my leg. There, right on my shin was a huge purple circle.
“Oh, no!” I said staring at it.
“It’s not that noticeable,” Sarah said looking closely at it.
“How am I going to play tonight? I can’t go out on stage with a huge bruise on my leg!”
“We’ll just put some make-up on it,” Sarah said tilting her head this way and that. “Either that or we’ll just wear boots instead of our shoes.”
“You’d do that?” I asked her.
“Oh, course. What are friends, and band mates for?” she said with a smile.
“Thanks, Sarah.” I smiled back at her, and looked over to Brian.
Brian was still sitting with his back to the wall opposite me. He was looking at me as if he couldn’t believe that what Ms. Kensze said was right. I guess he thought I was hurt. He kept starring at my bruise.
“Brian, I’m ok.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yep.” I said as I smiled up at him, and nodded my head.
He was still looking at me, as if he didn’t believe what I was saying. It kinda looked like he was trying to play the events over again in his head. I guess he was blaming himself. For what reason, I can’t say. Maybe because he had always thought it was his duty to protect me. Or maybe because he just didn’t want to see me get hurt.
“So, Karen,” Sarah attempted to break the weird silence. “Why were you running?”
I looked from Sarah to Brian. His eyes were on mine. He wanted to hear how it happened. I know he wanted to see if there was some way he could have stopped me from getting hurt. I told them all that happened. What was in the room, what Mrs. Billblock’s reaction was, and why I ran out of the door.
They sat there and thought. Both of them. Not saying a word. Sarah kept looking from Brian to me, and then back down at her hands again.
“A laptop..” I heard Brian whisper to himself.
“I wonder why Mr. Miouga was so interested in the computer. I mean, what do you think is in it?” Sarah asked as she looked up from her hands.
“That is nothing any of you need to worry about,” Mrs. Billblock’s stepped into the room, her eyes surveying us.

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