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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Answers to fun questions!
Okay, so my internet is pissing me off, it just deleted my last post, and i had a fun work story to tell you guys too. Now i'm out of time, and can only answer your questions. I guess it'll have to wait for another day. So now to answer your questions!

Beyblader: Book One has 10 chapters, though the chapters grow in size as the book progresses. (exception being our upcoming chapter two, which is relitivately short). Book Two, which i am currently writing, has 5 chapters so far. And if you think 10 is a lot, me and my friends book we're writing together has 30 chapters! Beat that, haha!

Red Tigress: Now, you know i can't answer your question directly, but i can surely give you around-about answer! There is actually more then one "bad guy" in this story, which will become more clear as time progesses. As for good guys, well, i can say there a lot of them, and that obviously, our main girl is one of the good guys. haha. Though i do love a certain boy with dark brown hair! *giggles*

Niko: You know, actually sitting down and writing is hard for me as well. Usually, when i'm writing, i listen to music. To actually become inspired is the hard part, usually that comes when i'm bored. Like, now that I've gone back to my evening shift at work, i've been getting a lot of ideas there. I know it sounds wierd, but if you want to know how this story actually started, it started in History class Junior year. History was my last class of the day, and there was always a period of 15-20 mins between the time the teacher was actually done talking, to when the final annoucements would come on, and the bell would ring. It was during this time that i started writing the story, with the help of my two friends in the class. As the year progressed, i wrote it in more classes, and had most of it written by Senior year. A lot of the names and stuff are actually suggestions that i have asked my friends over the course of classes, most of them asking what i'm writing, the good friends already knowing what it was. So, i guess in answer to your question, to get in the midset of writing, i have to be bored and listening to music. Haha! It comes and goes though, writing is one hard thing to do, and you can only do it when your inspired, otherwise you mess up the story.

Alright! Chapter Two begins on Sunday, and it's pretty short, so i think it'll only take us 2-3 days. Take care everyone!

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