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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Well, i'm sorry everyone but i know it's story day, only i don't have the next part ready. And plus, i wanted to give people a chance to catch up if they've missed a day. New part will come on Wensday.

I'll make this short since i have a headache, and feel not so great. If you have been cast as a role in Aurus's and I's Bleach Fan Dub, please check her last two posts for recent updates. One includes a link to our newly established site that contains recent news (we are currently holding auditions for some parts), and the Bleach Voice List. If your name has *unconformed* next to it, that means you have yet to confirm your position as said character and you need to contact either Aurus or myself asap. Secondly, I updated my fan art with two new pictures, but they're the same drawing, only one is colored using fireworks, and one usuing colored pencils. Also, i added a new wallpaper to my stash as well. Please check them out, rate them, and comment. ^_^.

Well, that's it from me, i need to lay down again before this headache gets even worse. Night all and have a great sunday!

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