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Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Twists of Fate: Chapter One: Part Four
“We’re here.” Pete said as we stepped through the rusted wrought iron gate that was opened, it’s trail through the dirt path evident by the dent in the ground. I opened my eyes as I watched the dirt trail in front of us seem to rise and fall again from the dust of the feet of people rushing into the entrance. The building itself was made of red bricks and looked like a Victorian house crossed with a church. The thickness of the dirt that covered the walls seemed to outweigh the red color of the bricks that lay underneath, giving the building a blackened look. There was a huge clock that was placed in the middle of the building, it’s face shining in the morning sunlight, big enough to be read anywhere on the school grounds. The windows were open, and you could see the blue frayed curtains swaying slightly in the morning breeze. To the right, you could see the little kids playing in the sand box, having fun before the day began.
“Karen! There you are! I’ve been looking all over for you!” A girl with straight blonde hair said as she ran up to me, and bent over to catch her breath, her backpack falling down her arm as she did so.
“Heh, sorry Sarah,” I said as I tried to avoid her gaze. “Some things happened this morning and..”
“No time to talk,” She said as she moved in front of me again. “Look, Brian’s completely redid the order for tonight,” she said exasperatingly as she handed me a sheet of paper.
“What for?” I asked, confused and slightly pissed at the same time. “The way we had it was perfect.”
“I don’t know,” she said as she shook her head and grabbed her backpack sling with her hand, and pushed it back on her back. “Apparently to make room for the new song,” she said as she pointed at the sheet with the other.
“But, I thought we weren’t going to do that one.”
“He says it’ll be a big hit if we use it as our closing,” she said as she sighed. “You know I’m not one to make these kinds of decisions.”
“I know. It’s alright.” I said as I looked down at the list again. “Well, I guess he does have a point.”
“I’ll see you first hour then, okay?” she said as she looked over to Pete real fast and winked at me.
“Yeah, bye.”
“Who was that?” Pete asked as he watched Sarah turn into a classroom.
“Oh, sorry. That’s my best friend, Sarah. We’ve known each other since kindergarten. “
“What was she talking about? The new one? What’s that?” Pete asked as he looked down at me.
“You’ll see tonight,” I said as I smiled up at him. “Come on, let’s go.”

(Uhh oh! Just what are they up to? And who exactly is this Pete guy? *giggles* I love the mystery. ^_^ Have a great weekend everyone.)

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