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Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Twists of Fate: Chapter One: Part Three
I looked up to the clock tower as the sun slowly began to come up, and shine its radiance on the city. “Good Morning Karen!” I heard a voice yell from across the street, and I waved to Mrs. B, and proceeded down the street.
All of the houses looked the same, in some way or another. For one simple fact, they all faced east, and the sun made its presence known on the paneling of the front of the houses. I made my way finally to the main market where my school was located on the other side of this busy exchange. I stopped at the corner, when I heard a voice yell out above the commotion of the morning market.
“Stop him! Stop that man!”
I turned around just in time to see a young man around my age coming my way. He ran straight into me and knocked me to the ground, my books scattering everywhere.
“Out of my way,” the man said quietly as he ran past.
“Stop him!” the owner yelled as tried to chase after him, but could not catch up, and after a few more steps, gave up completely. I watched the man run down the block and then turn right at the corner. I looked around trying to comprehend what had just happened, and then it hit me. I looked down at my now scrapped hands from hitting the dirt so hard. This was just like my dream. What was going to happen next?
“Are you alright?” I heard a voice above me ask, as I saw a pair of feet come into my view as I sat in the road.
“What?” I asked as I looked up to find out who the pair of feet belonged to, and was blinded by the glare of the sun. I could just make out the outline of a young man.
“Are you alright?” he asked again as he bent down and began gathering up the books I had dropped. He turned around, and his dark black brown hair blew slightly in the wind. My heart began to beat faster as I looked into his eyes, blue, strong.
“I guess,” I said as I slowly got to my feet, brushing the dirt off my skirt.
“Here are your books,” He said as he handed them to me. I got the first real look of him, as I looked him up and down, pretending to be concentrating on the books he was giving me. His hands felt soft, as I touched them for that brief moment. He was tall, and had dark brown hair that sort of spiked out around the front of his face. If they where to combed down, they would have covered his eyes. He was skinny, but not really all that skinny because you could see his muscles. He was fit, if anything and I couldn’t help but blush as I looked into his eyes.
“Thanks,” I said starting to turn red.
“You should be more careful.” He said as he put his hands on his hips. There was a weird awkward silence as he began looking around. “My name’s Pete.” He said as he outstretched his hand, a smile played across his face.
“I’m Karen,” I said as I shook it. “Thanks for your help.”
“Don’t mention it.” He said as he finally let go. “Hey, would you happen to know where the Nortek School is?” he asked as he looked me over.
“Um, yeah, that’s the school I go to. Obviously,” I said with a laugh as I just now registered he was wearing the guy’s version of our uniform, plain blue pants, with a blue jacket that covered a white dress shirt. The jacket was lined in a white stripe at the bottom, but not on the arms. He also wore a blue tie, but unlike the dress regulations, he has his collar up, and shirt untucked. “It’s right there actually” I said pointing down the market street to the two story building that stood in the distance. “You can’t possibly miss it, it’s the only two story building in this area.”
“So, that’s my school,” he said with an odd look I couldn’t place. “Would you mind showing me around? Today’s my first day.”
“No…no problem,” I said as my face got even redder.
“Great,” he said as he took my hand. “Let’s go.”
I felt a calmness flow through me as I looked up at his face as he dragged me along. His face shown in the light. Is..is he the one from my dream? I closed my eyes and tried to remember the way the hooded face looked, allowing myself to be lead by him.

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