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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Finally a Day Off!
Hey everyone! Wow, i feel so loved, look at how many comments I got last time! You guys are awesome. *hugs everyone and passes out cookies*

Well, it's been 4 days of this 5am-2pm shift, and i must say i'm sick of it. My body was about to collaspe today, and i felt sick at the beginning of my shift. The day got better about half way through the shift, but i think that's because my friend came in. I always have more fun when she's there. My muscles are killing me, there's only so much you can lift, and then to try to lift that over your head just blows.

Tomarrow/today, me and Ann are going to Newton, a small town not to far away to do some shopping. I need a break from this city, the rainy weather is getting to me I think. After that we're going to eat at my favorite resturant, Crackel Barrell! Yum yum! After that, um...I'll probably just relax and read some Harry Potter. ^_^, either that or get depressed by watching Fafner. *shrugs*

Thursday I finally registar for classes. Yay! Now i can finally tell you guys what my schedule will be like! I'll try to pick some fun classes, but i don't think i can take a theatre class this year. Sorry Aurus.

My fan art is updated! Please go check it out and comment! Have a great week guys! Oh, i'll try to post Part Three of the story tomarrow. Till then everyone!

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