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Saturday, July 9, 2005

The Twists of Fate: Chapter One: Part One
The sun shown brightly through the fall colored leaves that hung down from the branches of the old maple trees that lined the dirt covered road. The trees weren’t the only thing that lined the road that ran though the main section of the city, lots of tiny vendor shops lined the edges, pushed between the overgrown trees, providing a nice place to eat and relax in the cool shade of the brush. Not too far behind, houses stretched out as far as the eye could see towards the western mountain pass that blocked our city from what lay beyond. The houses, with their broken shingled roofs, faced east, as if each day awaiting that ray of sunshine that would come forth from the flat horizon, and shine it’s brilliance on the castle walls. The castle itself was the tallest structure in town at 4 stories high, though the central clock tower which came off the main part stood like a skyscraper against the tiny buildings that surrounded it. The tower was one of the original pieces of the city still standing after the war, a reminder of what we used to have. Its large faces where pointed in every direction, north, south, east and west, so that no mater where you where, you could tell the time. A small river ran through the city. Its path started from the waterfall from the side of the mountain closest to the city, making it’s way through the city, and finally surrounding the castle gates on all sides. The river then ran out of the city, where it goes exactly, no one really knows, but I always dreamed it lead to a city filled with happiness.
I stood in the middle of the main street, looking up towards the clock tower, as the rays of light shinned against its surface, cascading the light around it, creating a shadow that stretched throughout the city. My fellow townspeople where walking around me, going about their morning business, buying fruits from the vendors, or even just having some breakfast before the day truly began for them. I took a deep breathe of fresh air, as I felt the smell of the river fill my body with a newfound energy. I felt something bump me, as something was forced into my hand. I looked around and found nothing, or anyone who could have done such a thing. I turned around again when I heard a big booming voice shout towards my direction.
“Hold it right there!”
My feet instantly left the dirt trail as I began to run in the opposite direction. I pushed through the crowd that lined the street, sometimes almost stumbling on top of someone who was leaning over to check the freshness of a vegetable or two. My breathe became even as I got into my running rhythm, heart beating fastly.
“Someone! Stop him!”
I felt like I was doing a dance as I zigzagged through the people that lined the streets. It seemed like the people where coming from nowhere, all gathering into the street for some odd reason. My mind kept saying, “I must keep going! I must keep running!” But then I realized, I didn’t know what I was running from. I looked behind me, to find the owner of the voice, but there was no one there. There was nothing there. It was pitch black. I turned around again, and saw only blackness before me. Blackness, I was surrounded by a complete and empty void. I looked around again, and the ground began to crumble underneath my feet. I flew my hands out wildly trying to steady myself, but it was of no avail. “What…what’s going on?” The thought raced through my mind as I began to scream. Everything around me was breaking up, disintegrating. I finally lost my balance and began to fall. I looked up, or what direction I thought was up, and saw a blinding flash of light, and a hand outstretched.
“Take my hand,” The voice said. The voice seemed to radiate around me, as I raised my hand, and felt it be clasped by the being. The light was extremely bright, and as I was being brought up into the being’s arms, I tried to look for a face, but the figure was robed, and the radiant light was shinning behind it, casting a shadow across its face. I felt my body be brought into its as the voice was heard again. “I’ll never let anything happen to you,” “It…it sounds like a guy’s voice.” I thought. He grasped me tighter then before. A single tear began to fall down my cheek as I felt his gentleness so close to me. “Who are you?” I asked as I looked up. I thought I saw a small smile under the hood as the light grew brighter as I broke away from him and began to fall again. I spun around, trying to grab onto something, reaching out for the guy’s hand again. “Goodbye” the voice whispered as the darkness began to surround me again, his light disappearing. “Come back!” I yelled as I fell, and the darkness surrounded me completely.

(Hope you enjoyed it so far! Part Two coming on Sunday!)

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