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Friday, July 8, 2005

Swimming can be fun, and educational!
Hey everyone! How's your week been going? Mine's doing okay, thank goodness that work for the week is over! Yay! That's right, I actually have Friday off! Isn't that amazing! Let's see, what have i been doing besides work?
~I went swimming with my friend Katie and her little brothers today. I'm like their older sister too. We had a lot of fun, i spent most of the time in the water chasing after Timmy (3rd youngest of the bunch) and then we had BBQ chicken and potatoes afterwards. It was really good. It's amazing how long these kids can hold their breath! I haven't been swimming in forever, so i'm not very good at it. That, and the fact that i was never really good at swimming in the first place. But still, man, i wish i was young again. And well, the educational part about swimming, we learned about some hitting on stuff going on between a certain two people. It was quite funny actually.

Besides that, umm, i saw Batman Begins with Katie. It was pretty good. I liked Gary Oldman's character. And Yay for Alfred!

Other then that, pretty much nothing else is new. I'll be starting the story tomarrow, so make sure you come back to read it! *hugs* have a great weekend everyone!

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