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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Happy Forth of July my American Friends, and to you Canadians, Happy Canada Day!
Hello everyone! Sorry i haven't been around most of the week, but it's been quite hectic for me. I had a temporary job for the week of the forth of july working at the local fireworks company. The job itself wasn't bad, its just that i went striaght from working 8 hours at my regular job (being the baker) to that. needless to say, i seriously need to catch up on my sleep.

Happy 4th and Canada day guys, I know i missed them, but i still wanted to wish you the best. Also, the story that got the most votes was "Twists of Fate" so i will be starting that shortly. Also, i have sent PMs to everyone for the FMA fan club, so i finally got that taken care of. Sign will be updated shortly as well. Other then that, i need to get some rest for another 8 hour day tomarrow. see ya later!

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