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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A message from your local Cookielady.
Hello everyone! It's your official THAT Cookielady here! *passes out cookies* Take a seat. It's decision time. A lot of you have expressed an interest in reading my stories, so the question is, which one do you want to read? I currently have two, one is a short story, and the other is part of my book. The first is called "The Half-Risen Moon", and the latter "The Twists of Fate". Now then, it's up to you guys to decide which one i post.

Well, work was okay today, though i really do feel that i should be the assistant manager of our department, because frankly, i do the work of one. I am now the most experienced person in our department (besides the manager), and to be completely honest, i can do more then she can! It's so sad! I made three signs today for some tables i had to put up with 4th of July things. My manager doesn't even know how to make a sign. Not only that, but what usually took her an hour to do our shelf review took me aprx. 5 mins. Sad eh?

Well, i'm working on my last picture here, so i'll get that posted as soon as i can. Also, it is my goal this weekend to get back to everyone who has PM'd me saying they wish to be in the FMA fan club. I'm soo sorry it's taken so long. But patience is a virtue after all!

Duo's current reading selection: "The Mysteries" by: Lisa Tuttle. Have a great day all!

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