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Thursday, June 16, 2005

To those of you I love.
Well, I know it's been a while since i've updated but i just want to get something off my chest real quick here at the start. For those of you I love, I'm sorry. I've been acting like a jerk lately, and frankly i hate myself for it. I'm sorry for complaining so much, and i'm sorry for seeming so selfish. We all know that's not the type of person I am, and for inflicting that upon you, I'm sorry. I'm tremendously sorry.

Now then, how has everyone been? Has your summer's been going okay? I've been working more lately, which is to my liking. I know that kinds sounds wierd, but a lot of things have been happening, and i've sort of moved up in rank. As of today, i shall become the baker, which means i get to actually bake the product, and pan up the stuff that gets baked the next day. An interesting thing happened today, one of our new people who was the fryer/baker person just upped up and left, without really giving a reason. The guy had only been there a week. What a wuss. (hehe). So now, the fryer/baker job has been split up, where one person does the fryer, another baking. So yay! i think it shall be funner, so that's good.

This next week i should be getting a letter saying weather or not i've been accepted into my program. Let's pray that i have. I have no idea what to do if i haven't been. I'm just not going to think about that right now though.

On another note, today is my half-birthday!! YAY!!! And what do you know, it's another crazy thunderstorm, (just the kind you'd love demonboy) tonight. Possibilty for tornados in my area...not very high...everyone else...slightly higher. I love how our city is like placed right where we usually don't get any. I think it's the river that runs though the middle of the city. So anways, tonight i'm going out to eat with my mom and dad at one of my favorite resturants, and maybe i can get them to buy me a gallon of ice cream. I've been craving that lately.

Well, i have to go to work early tomarrow, so i best be going to bed. I love you all. *hugs everyone* Have an exceptionaly well evening, and great weekend ahead!!!

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