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Friday, June 3, 2005

Hello everyone! It's your local cookielady dropping buy to see how everyone's doing. Nothing all that exciting has been going on lately. My day is consummed by going to work. On days i don't have to work, as in today for example, i sit around the house watching shows, playing video games, drawing, and working on my story. Yes, i'm finally working on that again, though i've decided to only work on book one, the book of introduction right now. I have no inspiration to work on books two or three. (book two being, the book of explanations, and book three, the book of resultions). Actually, i find myself laking inspiration to do much of anything. Work just sucks all my energy out of me it seems. Ah, well. Thus is the story of life.

Today i went shoe shopping with mom. I bought a pair of shoes at the Payless for only $10. Not a bad deal if i say so myself. Also, we went to the grocery store that also has a video department where you can rent movies from, and looked over their previously viewed movies that where on sale, and found Spirited Away, and Hero, so i helped myself to those two. The cost? Only $10 for the both of them. Quite a deal if i say so myself. I have yet to watch either of them to make sure the dvds aren't bad. (tape of Spirited Away, those are the ones you really got to look out for).

So yes, if any of you are looking for a new series to semi-fill a week of your summer days with, I'd highly suggest Star Ocean EX. Based on the game Star Ocean: The Second Story for the PS, this show follows the adventures of Claude, our friendly spacer who accidently discovers a warp gate that sends him to a planet that is currently under attack by many monsters caused my a "falling meteroite" known on the planet as Sorcery Globe. Claude meets Rena, a shy girl who thinks he is the legendary Warrior of Light, sent from another world to rid theirs of the evil that has beset them. Claude meets some interesting people on his journey, one of my favorites is Ashton. hehe. So yeah, i guess that's my summary of it. If you want me to add more, i'll be sure too next time. Now i must head for bed so i can have yummy homemade pancakes made with grandmother love tomarrow morning. Take care everyone, and have a great weekend!

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