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Saturday, August 30, 2003

   The object is...
Hey all! Wow, today was the most boringest day ever! Seeing how its been raining all day, and hasn't let up since last night, there was hardly anyone shopping today. Which, i don't really mind that much, it just makes my job so boring. I think I had a total of about 20 customers when I usually average about 50. What did I do? you ask. Well, i sat around and played Hangman with Monica, the other person who works at the service desk. We usually work at the same time, so it's basically like us against the world!

Al lot of the streets are flooded by my house, but i really don't care. It's not like i have to go anywhere. I'll just stay at home and watch tv. like i do every day. I need to go somewhere and do something. Anything!!! I don't care what!!!

Please give me some ideas people!! I'm bored off my a**!!!

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