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Tuesday, February 8, 2005

   Life stinks...*warning* post is long and full of rants.
Hey everyone. Sorry once again i haven't updated for a bit. But if you where to live one day in my life, i bet you couldn't make it. It's neverending!

Let's see, what have i been doing these last couple of weeks....well, school is the most important, i guess. I have a physiology test tomarrow which i am currently studying for, and still only barely understand. There's too much to remember, but luckily some of it is a review from biology so at least i'll get those questions right. Hopefully, anyways. Ethics is highly interesting, though i somehow feel i won't be able to reproduce this stuff during the test. Let's just hope it's not an essay test. Nami-chan doesn't like those. Stagecraft is fun cuz i get to play with power tools. Yay power tools! And today in chem lab, we got to play with fire! Yay! Though the only thing i don't like about chem is my teacher is a bit of a smart ass. Today I had a moster headache, and he just seemed to make it even worse.

Work....well, what can i say about work except that people keep getting fired/quiting, and I'm always the one to take up the slack. I mean, come on. I'm only one person, i can't do every friggen thing! It would be better if my boss actually did some work instead of stand around and "clean her desk". Oh my god. Let's see here, which is the more pressing matter, that we get these cakes ready, or that we clean our desk...humm....let's take some time to think about that one. *rolls eyes* Don't get me wrong, i like my job, only there comes certain points when you just want to throw your hands up into the air and say screw it all.

Well, other then work and school, i have no life, because those two aspects of it take up the entire day. Let's take today as an example. Woke up, went to school. (Stagecraft actually). After class, i was SUPPOST to meet my physiology lab group to work on our lab report, so i went and talked to one of the girls i'm working with and told her that I had to go to work due to the fact that someone had quit, and i had to take up the slack. So i give her some papers, mostly stuff i had done before hand, and leave. Come home long enough to change my clothes, grab a pop tart, and head to work. Get to work, and there's a shit load to do. Mostly decorating cakes/brownies/cupcakes and the like, not to mention having to do my every day job of pan up/screen up. It was during this period that i started to get my headache. It was finally time to leave, so i come home, change my clothes again, and go back to school, once again, all i have time to eat was some teddy grams. Go to class where the chem teacher is being a real smart ass, and do the damn lab that took forever. Finally, it was over, and i got to come home, where i sat down and ate some real food for once today, and now i'm studying for my test tomarrow, which i have to get an A in otherwise I'll have no chance at entering the program for rad tech.

*sighs* For those of you who signed my guestbook, or wrote me a PM, give me another week. I still have some tests coming up, but i promise I'll get back to you in time. Please be patient.

And for those of you who actually read all that, i'm sorry. As you can tell, i'm not really in a good mood, which isn't my usual self. *hugs everyone* Thanks for caring you guys. Have a great rest of the week!

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