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Thursday, August 28, 2003

   and your point was???
Well, yesterday was my first rotation at the hospital, and i have to say, it was pretty boring. The most exciting this I did was help a patient out of the ER bed and into another one. I also helped weigh her. Sooooooo exciting. One patient was about to have a heart attack, so she got moved to a different floor. I wonder what happened to them.

I really can't believe it's friday already. I guess getting out of school on tuesday made everything screwed up, and plus getting to dress down today made it feel even weirder. I can't wait till the dance, i hope it will be fun.

Tomarrow, is the scrimages, go team!! I hope we do good this year, we better if I have any say. Well, got to go fix my scanner again! Have a great weekend!!!

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