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Thursday, December 16, 2004

   It's my birthday!!!
Hey everyone! I think you know what day it is. that's right! it's my birthday! I am now technically 19 years old!! yay!!!

Finals went okay yesterday. I found out I got a 89% on my Old testament project, which is really good considering I did it all, well, most of it, last minute! The final was really easy too. I think I did okay on my Anatomy final, but I'm not going to look at my grade until after my b-day cuz I don't want to spoil my good mood. Also, I got an A on my College Writting class too! He said my paper was written really well! Yay!! Today I have speech final at 10 and then fall semester is over!!! I'm so happy/exicted/glad!

Wow, today must be my lucky day! They've played a lot of Ayumi Hamasaki songs on the radio tonight, and we know how much I love Ayumi! ^_^.

I need to go back to studying, so tomarrow will be a breeze! Thank you so much for a great year everyone. I've really enjoyed it, and I hope this next year of my life is filled with lots of fun, and good news from you guys! You help make everyday a little bit easier to live. You know who you are. And I'm not just mentioning one or two people. ^_^.

*sings last bit of Ayumi song* Love ya all, and have a great day!

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