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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

   Round one is done!
Hey everyone! sorry for the mid-day post, but this is really the only time I'm giving myself on the computer today. But, here's an update:

Sunday: Sunday was a completely awesome day! I woke up, pretty late actually, and went to my grandparent's house to celebrate my grandpa's and mine b-day. There we ate lunch, and me and my little cousins played Yahteeze (sp?) untill it was time for presents. I got a really awesome fleece blanket that my aunt made for me that has a dolphin on it. (dolphins are turtles are my favorite animals). Then I got this really cute snowman angel from my aunt, and then i got a cookie jar filled with oreos!! Yum yum! Then after that, I came home, changed my clothes, and went to work. Work was really easy, and then Lyndsey came to visit me! I ran and gave her a hug when I saw her coming. She was doing her model walk once she saw me. ;). Then, i sort of took a 30 min break and talked to her. After that, I finished work and came home.

Monday was a semi-quiet day. I slept most of it, and went to lunch with Lyndsey for the afternoon part. Then I went to work, which was really easy again. After that I came home, and watched Family Guy. (did anyone else see the episode that was on last night? OMG! It was so funny! It was the one where they make fun of willie wonka. and then Lois has that piano competetion and when Peter gest really drunk he can play really good? hehe, the part where Stewie walks out of the house was just hilarious, and then the part at the end!) Anyways, after that I studied for my first round of finals, Anatomy Lab and Computers.

Today, was an okay day. Woke up early so I wouldn't be late, was almost late cuz I had to scrape off my car, the ice was on there thick! I did really good on my tests today! I only missed one on my computer final, leaving me with a 100 % in the class. I only missed 6 on my anatomy lab final, which left me 3% away from a B, but I can settle for a C, at least I don't have to take the class again. Tomarrow I have Anatomy lecture, (which I really need to study for), and then I have Old Testament. Which should be as easy as Computer was. But now I'm off to do my extra credit, and spend the rest of the day studying, and taking a break to go shopping with mom. don't worry, it'll only be 2 hours at tops ;)

Love ya all! oh, and of course you can Evil! I'll add you as soon as I get a chance! ^_^

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