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Thursday, December 9, 2004

   It's finally over!!
Oh my goodness! Finally, its all over!! No more projects due, no more papers due. My real day of classes ends today! The only real thing I have to do on Friday is hand in my paper. Then I'm going to go to the other college, and transfer my credits to the one I'm at, so that way my stupid counsler knows that I DON"T HAVE TO TAKE CALC AGAIN!

Finals are this next week, and so is my birthday!! Yay!!!! The only finals i'm worried about is Anatomy, like always. But at this point, I'm just going to give it my all, and I know I'm going to pass. So that takes a bit off my shoulders, though it does sort of blow my GPA. *grumbles*

I had an Old Testament project due this morning at 10 am. I was up till 2 am this morning working on it, and didn't finish, but have no fear, I finished with 20 mins before my class to spare! I think I did better then most of the people, I had a lot more information. And like Red always says, I actually did research! hehe.

Well, I'm signing off. I'm exhausted. Good thing my class doesn't start till 10:50. Take care all, and if your Jewish, HAPPY CHANUKKAH!!!

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