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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!
Hey all!! First things first.....Happy Turkey Day to all of you who will be celebrating that today, and if you don't celebrate it, I'm going to give you a hug anyways. *hugs everyone*

Wow, another week without a post, another week of work and school. I will be sooo glad when this semester is over. Anatomy is slowly killing me. I just don't understand it, I understand everything, i know where stuff is, and yet, I constantly fail the tests. If I don't manage to get at least a C on this next test, I'm going to have to take the class over again next semester. Which means I won't get to take Physiology, which means I'll have to wait ANOTHER YEAR before I can even apply for my program. I get so frustrated sometimes I just want to cry.

Well, we lost our other closer at work, so I work every day, for 36 a hours a week. You might as well consider me full time. Full Time student + full time worker = no free time for Nami-chan.

The end of school is coming up fast. I have a speech to give at the beginning of next week, my paper for english class is do sometime next week, and I have to write a report on my career choice for that stupid T and T class. On top of trying to raise my grade in anatomy, and trying to ask the really cute guy in my class if he wants to go bowling with me since we get awesome discounts with our college IDs.

*sighs* anyone have any ideas? Have a fun joke to tell? What do you think of the new background? it's not as festive/fall as the last one, but I think you can read the text better. It's still from "Wind" so the theme is the same.

I have an awesome theme planned for winter (which it snowed here today), that I know you all will love. Also, I'd like to point out that my FMA wallpaper was the first one submitted to myO, and now look! the section has 5 pages! w00t! Demonboy and Shanny have at least one up there too! Go check them out!

Take care everyone, and have a very safe holiday!! Don't hurt anyone if you're going shopping Friday morning! ;)

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