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Thursday, November 11, 2004

   Rain rain go away!!
Hey Everyone!! Thanks for all your comments on that little quiz! I feel so loved now! A lot has been happening lately, i don't think I ever get a break.

It rained most of today. Everyone on campus was wearing jeans and a hoodie. I mean, everyone! Some people where smart enough to have umbrellas, but the rest of us toughed it out with our hoods on, heads down, watching to make sure we didn't splash into a puddle. Our campus got kinda flooded as the day went on, trying to cross the street to get to my 11 am class was pretty difficult without having to step into the puddle, getting the bottom of my jeans wet in the process. But after that I went into teh lounge and tried to dry off before my 1 pm class. While in there, the TV was somehow set to CN, and baby Looney Tunes was on. And i found it very interesting that they had a little short, that paralleled what I'm writing my Freud paper about. And then the Napalize (Sp?) people where trying to comprehend Tom and Jerry. It was funny actually.

I've been working a lot like always lately, so once again I'm sorry I haven't had time to respond to PM's and such. All you lucky people get school off tomarrow, well, I don't. And it stinks.

We're having a movie night at the fam's house tonight, so that should be fun.

Well, my eyes are about to close on me, so I'm going to jet. Have a great rest of the week everyone!

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