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Thursday, February 21, 2008

My internet crapped out, so I probably won't be around for a couple of days until they come fix the line. It's nothing on my end, because the cable on the TV is messed up too. There's something wrong with the line that comes to our house. Needless to say, no internet fun for me.

God I wish cold and flu season was over with. I feel like I've run a marathon after I come home from work. Also, everyone I know is sick so I'm stuck at home doing nothing. Well, not really nothing. I bought the season 4 DBZ box set because, yes it has the Trunks Saga. And yes, that is the only reason why i bought it. I LOVE TRUNKS. if you didn't know this by now, then well....you don't know me that well...I also bought a new DVD rack thing....only thing...not all my dvds fit on it lol. My Scrapped Princess box won't fit, so it's stuck in the shelf still. I hope I'll have enough room for all the stuff I'm going to buy come March 4th, when a shitload of AWESOMENESS is released. Here's a question, are they going to release a whole box set of FA or am I going to have to buy those part one, part two things? *shrugs* not that it matters too much.

Well, I'll talk to you all whenever I get a chance too, probably not until Sunday or so. I think dad said they were coming to fix it Saturday. I hope everyone gets feeling better! Love ya all!

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