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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Just how messed up can Kansas weather get?!?
Well, it's definitely been an interesting week I'd say, what with the weather, and work going all crazy on me, it seems there's little time to get down to what really matters...

First the weather. Oh. My. Goodness. As I mentioned in my last post, it hailed the other night. Yes, that's right, it hailed. Not only that, but IT DID IT AGAIN! Which I mean, when I think of hail, I think of tornado season, which isn't until spring-ish time. It's the middle of winter. Why is it hailing? Oh and then today, I woke up around 8ish or so and it was snowing. Now nothing wrong with that right? Wrong, the sun was out and shinning it's fullest. And yet, it was snowing. I still hail to see how that is possible. You wouldn't have even known it was snowing if you hadn't looked out the window.

Work has been way to busy for me. I can't get any studying done at all. We barely have time to eat lunch. Some nights I feel that I'm pulled in way to many directions and I just can't keep up. *sigh* oh well. In retrospect, I got a raise. Go Me!! So now i make over $17 an hour. yay for money.

Well other then working and sleeping, I haven't really been up to much else. Been trying to study, but that's no easy task. I've been thinking about buying some new shows i've never watched before just like an impulse buy. Has any watched Galaxy Railways, Tactics or Sakura TV or Angelic Layer? Are they good enough to buy? haha

Well I hope everyone has a good week. Get some good rest!! Sleeping makes everything better.

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