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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Just a fun random post to help me fall asleep.....

The weather last night was MESSED UP. I'm not making this up. At about 3am or so, the guy that goes to the medical record building at night to get films for the morning came in and told us that it was lightening outside. And then we heard really loud thunder. So, being the inquisitive person I am, I walked to the back door, and looked outside. Not only was in pretty windy, it was indeed lightening and raining. We watched it for like 5 mins then went back inside because it was a little cold. We decided to go traverse through the tunnel to find where they moved respiratory too, and we came back maybe 15-20 mins later. Then a lady from the MRI records comes and says "Hey, did you know, it's hailing outside." We looked at each other and once again headed for the back door. And yes....IT WAS HAILING!!! They where about pea-to quarter sized, but still....it's the middle of winter!! AND IT'S HAILING!!! "I blame it on the asteroid" i said to my co-worker and she laughed. Anyways, I had the fun idea to take a blanket, throw it over my head, and run out to catch some hail. And Yes, I did! I used an emesis basin and caught quite a lot. It was coming down pretty hard. Hehe I didn't get hurt, but my socks were a little wet when I came back inside. I got a warm blanket from CT, and we put our newly collected hail in the freezer to show our 1st shift friends when they came in.

Now, you thought that was funny, this really takes the cake.

We were watching the 5am news, and they where talking about how H. Clinton had that live broadcast with the 22 states, well Kansas was one of them. Anyways, that's not the point of the story, after they aired that, they showed where she stood in the polls, and then they showed the republican candidates and were they stood. Now, there's nothing wrong with that right? What was wrong was, the republican candidates pictures were not quite right. Someone had drawn on these pictures that were aired on the local news. John McCain had a Hitler mustache drawn in. Mitt Romney had his teeth blackened out. And the other guy...i forget his name, he's in last place...he had devil's horns and fire behind his head!!! I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP! I laughed SOO hard! haha, we wrote into the station to tell them about it but who knows if they noticed or not. Personally, I hope they put it on their website so I can show all of you.

So yeah, that was my morning. It's 11am and I still haven't gone to bed. I'm going to be tired later if I don't go to bed soon....I think I drank too much pop at work...

For lent, I am going to give up drinking pop. And maybe give up buying figures. We'll see...I have 13 hours left to figure that out...

I hope you enjoyed the randomness of a day in my life. Tonight, TRIVIA WITH MOLLY!! YAY!!! Have a good day!

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