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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year Everyone!!
Well, congratulations everyone, we made it to 2008. When I tried to think back about what I've accomplished over the last year, there were only two things I could really think of. One, I graduated from college, and two, I have a full time job. Now I admit, both of these are rather significant things in a person's life, so I'm pretty happy with the last year. That said, here is a list of my New Year's Resolutions:

1. Exercise more. (I know everyone puts this on their list, but I want to look good for my trip! hehe.)
2. Give everyone a second chance. (I have a tendency to be judgmental sometimes, and well, if you piss me off that's pretty much it for you. I want to be more forgiving this year.)
3. Learn a new language. (I'm trying to learn Japanese, but I really have only gotten my foot in the door haha. Kanji translations, here I come!)
4. Save more money. (yeah...that's kinda self explanatory.)
5. Make a scrapbook. (This mostly pertains to my summer trip.)
6. Have as much fun as humanly possible on said summer trip. (I seriously can not wait to meet you all, and esp. you Red.)
7. Find a boyfriend, and hopefully someday get married. (what can I say, it is sometimes lonely being alone. And when I go upstairs at work to see all the little babies up there....it makes me want to have one of my own, not until I'm married that is!)

I'm sure there are some I had in my head earlier but have now completely forgotten, (it's the wine) but I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Years!

For Christmas, I got a portable DVD player (10 inch screen), and audio rocking chair to play games with, and movies and games. I got Super Mario Galaxy, and the DDR game for the Wii. They are both lots of fun!

I hope you like the new theme, it didn't come out quite how i wanted, but meh. Have a good rest of the week everyone!!!

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