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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Well, as you can clearly tell, I have changed my theme. This month's theme is "Fly me to the moon". I think this theme fits me well right.

We are all trying to achieve our goals. For me, right now, its trying to find a full-time job, one that I will like and will be in a nice city to leave. I have found some interesting ones in a couple of cities, and I am hoping for a call back soon. I really hope that I get a call. I really want a full time job, not just for the money, not just for the benefits, it's because I want to help people. That's why i chose this profession in the first place. I have a strong desire to help people, as I'm sure many of you know. When I think about what I could be doing with my time, that's what comes up in my head.

So in my quest to help people, I'm working the library today hehe. Our parish has a library and so I sit in there, and and help people, mostly children check out books and movies. It really isn't too bad. I kind of like it actually.

Friday at work there was a huge cake left for us 2nd shifters....I don't know what it was for....apparently it said "Thanks for your hard work"....Why thank you for the gift myserious cake person, I don't know what exactly I did to deserve this, but I always work hard. Why? Because I want to help people.

Now that I'm registered, I get to have a student! Yay!! I love teaching people! It's so fun to watch the students too. It makes you think about how you felt at that time. I like to let them do what they want and then correct them if it needs correcting. The only way you learn is by actually doing it yourself. That's how I learned.

Umm...nothing much going on this week. I'm onto the Magic Knight Rayearth 2. haha what a messed up ending the first season had. Haha, laugh if you must, I know it's kind of a little girl's show, but I like it. It makes me laugh. I've also been playing FF12 again. I'm trying to play it before my new game comes out on Tuesday! Yay for limited editions!!!

Well, thanks for listening to my ramble, and I hope you like the new theme! It's not quite as good as the past one, but i like how it came out. Enjoy and have a great week ahead! *hugs everyone*

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